Chester Bennington still affects people although he is no longer physically around.

The internet brought back their memories of Bennington three years after he died.

On Twitter, internet users found themselves mourning again after losing Bennington to suicide years ago. It all started when a user named Jeras Ikehorn asked everyone what celebrity death hit people the hardest.

People who bumped into the tweet commented on their own pick. Some wrote about SHINee's late member King Jonghyun, "Jeopardy!" Alex Trebek, and Michael Jackson, among others.

But one fan stood out when she commented about Bennington - the former frontman of Linkin Park. Fans of the band continuously shared stories about how they once supported the singer and took a long time before they were able to listen to his songs again.

One fan said, "For me it was Chester Bennington. I legit cried the night his passing was announced. It took me almost 3 years to finally be able to listen to a Linkin Park song."

"Chester Bennington," another added. "His death also opened my eyes to the plague of mental health issues lots of people face daily. I try my best to be better mentally since.

How Chester Bennington Died

In 2017, the Linkin Park frontman took his own life by hanging. Authorities who launched an investigation into his death found a prescription for generic Ambien with one pill divided in half.

The officer also found a glass of Corona and an empty bottle of Stella Artois. The singer did not leave a suicide note.

Following his death, the coroner's office conducted an autopsy. The report eventually came out and said, "autopsy findings are characteristic of suicidal hanging. There was a history of suicidal ideation."

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His wife, Talinda, revealed that the singer attempted suicide multiple times including one instance in 2006. During that time, he left the house with a gun.

Bennington also had a habit of tapping his fingers underneath his phone whenever he was anxious.

Prior to his death, the singer underwent an outpatient treatment program but failed to take antidepressants for a year before his passing.

His friends also knew how Bennington struggled to keep himself sober. According to Rolling Stone, he reportedly revealed to Ryan Shuck that he had been only sober for half a year. The guitarist then knew that Bennington was drinking hard at the time of his death.

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