Britney Spears took a break after her appearance on her conservatorship hearing. But the vacation reportedly became a venue for her marriage with Sam Asghari.

The world heard how the conservatorship reportedly prevented Britney from living the life that she wants. The singer even said in her testimony that she already wants to start a family with her boyfriend.

Following that moment, a tabloid claimed that the couple tied knots during their trip to Maui.

According to Woman's Day, as quoted by GossipCop, Britney and Sam had a "shotgun wedding" on the beach where they also said they were ready for kids.

"He's telling friends they're using this Hawaii mini-break to practice! They're so excited and can really see a future together now they have the world's support," the source said.

But the report has been debunked.

Britney Spears NOT Yet Married

After Gossip Cop investigated, it has been noted that Britney herself knew she needs the approval of her conservators before getting married.

Multiple news outlets also clarified that Sam did not pop out the question yet during the trip. Although they have been wanting to hear the wedding bells already, the 27-year-old model has not made any move yet.


But in 2019, he did note that he has plans to marry the pop star soon.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Sam said that he wants to have a legal relationship with Britney soon.

"This is something that every couple should do. That's the whole point of a relationship - we are a family. ... Trust me, if we do ever get married, everybody's going to know," he pledged.

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Britney and Sam seemingly want to focus on the conservatorship first. Since the beginning, the actor has been offering support to Britney that he also slammed Jamie Spears for controlling their relationship.

Back in February, he posted a cryptic message on his Instagram Story, saying that he has zero respect for Jamie.

He also noted that he would not release more details for their privacy. Still, he said that he is free to express his opinion especially when he and his muse are already involved.

As of the writing, the court is yet to approve the singer's request to end her conservatorship. Britney would need to undergo mental health assessment as part of the process.

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