Music supervisor Morgan Rhodes together with Kier Lehman lead the creation of the soundtrack for "Space Jam 2: A New Legacy".

The film revolves around Lebron James whose son is abducted by a rogue artificial intelligence. In order to get his son back, James needs to win a basketball game while teaming up with Bugs Bunny and his crew.

Rhodes spearheaded the production of the sequel's soundtrack wherein he collaborated with talented hip-hop artists such as John Legend, Chance the Rapper, Brockhampton, Saweetie and Lil Baby to develop original songs for the film.

"We wanted songs that were fun as we ushered in a new generation." Rhodes mentioned in an interview on Vanity.

"We wanted songs that would help move the excitement as the game moves, and we wanted to give a nod to what came before. So we had Salt -N-Pepa and the reimagined 'Pump Up the Jam.'" Rhodes added.

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Collaborating With The New Gen Of Hip-Hop Artists

The soundtrack has modern renowned artists to name a few: Jonas Brothers, Lil Baby, Saweetie, SAINt JHN Salt-N-Pepa and many others

Rhodes explained how Lil Uzi Vert delivered the catchy notable song with style.

"It's just such a big, big tune. I thought he was the perfect artist to take this on. He has a cult following and he's an influencer. He brought a lot of swag to the song, and he brought it into the now. We thought who better to do it than him."

He also provided us details on how he worked with other stars for the track.

"It was so organic. With Salt-N-Pepa and "Hoops," it just came together. It's with Kash Doll and Saweetie, but Salt-N-Pepa have been the architects of hip-hop music for 30-plus years and were just so representative of the culture. This was also about passing the baton. We loved having those women together on a track."

Pressure From The Original Space Jam

The original soundtrack from Michael Jordan's Space Jam genuinely hit the hearts of many during its released.

The battle of which soundtrack is the best is still debatable.

According to Time Magazine author Cady Lang, "Like the film it accompanies, the new soundtrack is too long and could have benefited greatly from a more thoughtful curation. The original soundtrack, though, slaps-the Monstars anthem still gets me hype."

Her co-author Eliana Dockterman also agreed that the original soundtrack prevailed than the current one, "Original soundtrack strictly dominates. I dare you to hear the words "Come on and Slam and welcome to the Jam" during a workout and not hit a personal record. "

Nonetheless, Rhodes and other notable artists paid homage to the first basketball movie even felt pressured, the squad still managed to bring their A-game to carry on the legacy of the prequel.

"We both loved the original soundtrack, but I don't know that we necessarily felt pressure. We were just so excited to continue what had been started. Music has changed, but we have an opportunity to showcase the natural sound of music, as well as bringing in artists who were on the first soundtrack."

Want to hear some of the latest tracks from the film, 'Space Jam 2: A New Legacy' is now streaming on HBO Max

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