The Weeknd made a massive move to let everyone know that "Abel is Coming."

Fans of The Weeknd flocked online and started the "Abel is Coming" trend. They all noticed that the singer changed his picture on his social media account and changed the description to "The Dawn is Coming."

The photo fans have been feeling crazy over features a silhouette of the singer standing behind the sun, creatively explaining what "The Dawn is Coming" will be all about.

As a result, internet users jokingly asked The Weeknd a break as they still have not gotten over his After Hours yet.

One said, "I really hope the dawn is more successful than after hours I know Abel is capable of that, there's nothing he can't do He sets bars too high that only he can top it ABEL IS COMING."

"moment of silence for abel's iconic after hours themed pfp and header. you will be missed. but i'm afraid the dawn is coming.." one fan also noted.
Hours after The Weeknd changed everything on his social media account, "Abel is Coming" continues to trend online. However, though, this should not be surprising at all since the singer already told his fans that his upcoming album would be epic.

The Weeknd Proud of His New Album


Weeks before he first showed the teasers for "The Dawn is Coming," The Weeknd posted a series of cryptic tweets about his new album.

The singer said that he feels really proud of the new album he's creating and hinted that they were all "getting there." He also spoiled the fans by saying that the new project is a full length album.

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Nonetheless, what he is about to offer will explain why and how he topped the MRC Data's 2021 Canada midyear report. According to the document, he dominated Canada in the first half of 2021, thanks to his fourth studio album "After Hours."

His hit songs "Save Your Tears" and "Blinding Lights" also reached the top spots on Billboard Hit 100.

The Weeknd also helped himself to stardom with the compilation LP "The Highlights" he dropped before his Super Bowl performance.

He still has a lot more gifts to give his fans, as the 31-year-old performer rescheduled his After Hours Tour to 2022. Although he postponed it, he assured that the whole tour would be madness.

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