Are Harry Styles and Lizzo finally releasing a song together?

The iconic duo has time and again given the fans a look at their friendship goals. But now, it seems like they're about to do something even more iconic as they may have a particular thing in store for the fans.

This weekend, the "Juice" hitmaker broke the internet after fueling rumors that a collaboration between her and the "Watermelon Sugar" hitmaker might be nearing.

The 33-year-old iconic performer, who has more than 10 million followers on Instagram, shared an Instagram post that sparked the rumor.

She shared a text image with the word "Shhhhhhhh" followed by an emoji that has one finger on the lips.

Lizzo captioned the Instagram post, "Don't even like this post cus you REALLY gon like my post tomorrow. #shhhhhhhh"

If this wasn't enough, Harry's manager Jeff Azoff also liked the "Tempo" singer's cryptic Instagram post.


Social media users have completely lost it as they rushed to Twitter to talk about the possible collaboration between Harry and Lizzo.

One fan said, "Hizzo collab!! I mean, Lizzo post something on IG, and harry said that new music is coming soon!! I'm dying."

Another said, "Y'all I get you want a Harry and Lizzo Colab, so do I, but stop making EVERYTHING she does about Harry, like all her comments on her TikTok are about Harry even if he's not even mentioned, like seriously she has her career, stop taking away from in."

But radio stations are also posting about Harry Styles and Lizzo, which many people believe isn't a coincidence. 

Guess fans will have to wait for the said collaboration as they continue to hope they don't need to wait any longer to hear the song. 

The friendship goals took the world by storm when they were pictured together at the 2021 Grammys red carpet, and the chemistry between the two has been widely discussed.

Oftentimes, Lizzo and Harry Styles are seen holding hands and talking intimately backstage at an event.

They also make news regularly, where Harry leaves flirty messages on the singer's social media posts. 

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Did Lizzo Kill a Fan After Stage Diving?

News of Harry Styles and Lizzo's collaboration comes after the "Good As Hell" singer has reportedly killed a fan after stage diving.

It is unknown where the rumor started, but the singer debunked the claims.

"It's a lie, first of all. I've never stage dived in my life and bitch... How? Like, killed somebody!? Y'all going to put that on my motherfucking name?"

She went on to say, "Like, I know I'm big, but bitch, I'm not that fucking big.

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