Nightbirde, who scored the spotlight with her golden buzzer-winning audition, officially left "America's Got Talent" due to an alarming reason.

The young singer revealed the saddening news on her social media account, explaining why she chose to stop the journey that has just begun.

On her Instagram account, the 30-year-old singer - whose real name is Jane Marczerwski - told her follower that her health took a "turn for the worse." She added that her current cancer battle now requires all her energy and attention.

"I am so sad to announce that I won't be able to continue forward on this season of AGT. Life doesn't always give breaks to those that deserve it-but we knew that already," she went on.

Still, she took her time to thank everyone for their support before assuring them that she'll be better soon.

For now, Nightbirde focuses on planning her future. Although she knows she has been more exhausted than ever, she pushes herself again through her dreams.

Following the announcement of her departure, her fans made sure that she will now she is loved with or without "America's Got Talent."

One fan said, "I'm sad that Nightbirde will no longer be able to continue her journey with AGT. I admire her a lot after watching her audition that made me cry bucket of tears. I am rooting for her. But since her health is her top priority & so do I & I wish her fast recovery."

"My heart goes to her, please include her in your prayer," another added.

Nightbirde's AGT Audition

During her audition on June 28, the singer revealed that she has cancer in her spine, lungs, and liver. She did not reveal her exact diagnosis, but cases like this could possibly be metastatic cancer.

According to Medical News Today, this occurs when metastatic cancer spreads from one area of a patient's body to another. If a person with lung cancer has the disease spread in the bones, it may have already spread from the lungs to the bones.

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In Nightbirde's case, three of his body parts already got the disease, and it is highly likely hard for professionals to locate where it first developed.

Nightbirde also revealed that she only has two percent of survival. Still, she looked at the number positively that, at least, it did not go down to zero.

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