Blues Traveler's members managed to keep themselves from severe injuries after their tour bus got involved in a crash.

On Wednesday, Blues Traveler's representative revealed that the band members and their crew sustained minor injuries from the crash. The incident reportedly happened while they were on their way to a show at Mayo Civic Park.

The authorities and medical team needed to extricate them from the bus due to potentially life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, they did not experience anything worse and were treated immediately at a local hospital. No other vehicle was involved.

According to radio outlet KROC (via Celebrity Access), 11 people were on the bus when the single crash happened. The band members John Popper, Mateo Rodriguez, and David Derrick were among the injured. Meanwhile, Brendan Hill, Tad Kinchla, Ben Wilson, and Chan Kinchla did not sustain anything from the crash.

Despite the event, Blues Traveler announced that they would continue their performance in Rochester with JJ Grey & Mofro.

Blues Traveler Safe and Sound

Following the incident, the official Facebook page of the band assured their fans that they are safe.

"This morning our tour bus went off the road and crossed the median. Thankfully we are all safe and have only sustained minor injuries," the band said.

Blues Traveler sent their gratitude to those who helped them, especially to Winona, Minnesota, Police Department and Rescue Crew.

Meanwhile, their fans expressed how glad they feel to hear that the band members are all okay.

One fan said, "Glad our small community was able to help you and that no one was badly injured. Hope you're all able to make Friday's show in Rochester."

Another wrote, "Soo happy that everyone is safe. Sending positive thoughts and prayers from Ontario, Canada."

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The crash happened days after the band performed their cover of "Crazy," featuring Crystal Bowersox, from their new album "Travelers Blues" on Today. They dropped the new album, which allowed them to write independently, on July 30.

As reported by Post Bulletin, Blues Traveler would reportedly play a mix of new music and tried-and-true live hits on their Friday show in Rochester.

The band also talked with producer Matt Rollings and detailed how "intimidating" it is for them to have the songs played and cover by other musicians.

Regardless of that, the band promised to continue making songs and coming them together.

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