"American Idol" star Syesha Mercado has finally reunited with her newborn daughter, Ast, on Friday.

She and her partner, Tyrone Denner, shared the news on Instagram and posted a picture of their sleeping daughter in their car headed home.

The couple could be seen smiling in the video as they seemed grateful and happy to have their child back with them finally.

In the Instagram clip, Mercado captioned the post, "AST IS HOME!!!! #BringRaHome POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!"

Her partner also thanked the people for helping them obtain the resources needed to get their daughter back from child protection services.

According to Mercado, they were able to get their daughter back because of the money they used to fund "the best attorneys in the country."


Civil rights attorney Ben Crump is helping with Mercado's case. He has previously defended the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Balke, and Ahmaud Arbery.

Though Syesha Mercado scored herself a win, she still has to get her other child, Amen'Ra, who was taken five months earlier by authorities.

In March, the infant was placed into foster care after the singer's breast milk supply started to run dry and wouldn't accept any other fluids.

Last Tuesday, Syesha Mercado cried during an online news conference describing how she's missing her two kids.

Tyrone Denner also joined her on the video, claiming live that they're not bad people and couldn't understand why the cops are out to get them.

Mercado revealed, "I went somewhere to get assistance, my baby was supposed to come home with me."

"We should have never been criminalized for getting assistance for something."

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On Aug. 11, the Manatee County Sheriff's Department took Ast in a stressful moment that Mercado's partner filmed in a now-viral and disturbing video.

He and Mercado were driving when cops surrounded their car, taking their daughter to a hospital, and accused them of the cause of Ast's malnutrition.

When the authorities seized Ast, Mercado could be heard in the video furious, afraid and heartbroken, asking them, "How could you guys do this? Do you not feel anything? My baby is days old and you're taking my baby away from me. You're taking my baby away from me. You have no heart. This is so wrong."

Mercado and her partner immediately started a GoFundMe page to help cover the legal bills. It has raised over $400,000, despite only asking for $200,000.

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