BTS caused massive worry to some fans who do not know why #BTSdisband is trending.

Twitter users flocked on the platform this week as they were alarmed by the #BTSdisband topic that dominated the trending list. Although it shocked many people, Twitter also noted that the hashtag is actually about a different issue.

"BTS is not disband, but there's conflict within the K-pop fan community," the message is prompted whenever a user taps the hashtag.

Fan wars within the K-pop community have been heated up again as the fans of BTS and BLACKPINK started the trend.

According to the users, there is currently an ongoing war between ARMYs and BLINKs. These online feuds usually occurred when the fans of a particular K-pop group want to show disapproval over other bands.

Upon discovering the real reason behind the trending topic, fans of both bands who hate fan wars immediately tried to stop the ruckus.

One fan said, "People who trend hateful like #btsdisband or #blackpinkdisband You're not helping your preferred idols by harassing other people. Also, a lot of people (me included) are fans of both bands. So maybe you could act more maturely towards artists you dislike?"

"ok this description is kind of funny. But lets be honest, when is there not a conflict within the kpop community #btsdisband," another penned.

But BTS ALMOST Disbanded in The Past

Since their debut in 2013, the K-pop band has been hit with several disbandment rumors. However, in fact, the members once expressed their desire to end their careers.

During the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2018, Jin gave the band's speech and shared that the group thought about disbanding in the past.

"We suffered a lot this year ... We even thought about disbanding, but we all gathered our hearts together again," Jin said, per NME. "Receiving this award, I'm glad that it lead to a good result."

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With their rise in Hollywood, the members finally found peace and created more compassionate environments.

They assured their fans that they would stay in touch even if they disband during BTS Festa.

Luckily, the band renewed its contract in 2018 and extended it for another seven years. With that said, potential disbandment is not possible to happen until 2025.

While disbandment may not happen anytime soon, they will indeed perform without the other members soon as all of them need to be enlisted in the military soon.

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