A contestant on The Voice startled audiences by playing an original song with some very provocative lyrics. Needless to say, some of the judges were not amused. Some tried to laugh what they are hearing off. Keith Urban looked mighty uncomfortable.

Angus Milne from Longreach in Queensland failed in last night's show to convince the coaches to turn their chair as he belted out Ed Sheeran's "Castle On the Hill." After his dismal blind audition, he chatted with the coaches who told him constructively when they did not turn for him.

The contestant shared his singing background and how he met his partner, who was then watching on the side. Even though he failed to convince the judges, his partner has complete faith over his abilities, who suddenly screamed at him to play an original. Even though it's already too late to let him in on the next rounds, the judges were all too happy to give him the chance to perform his original song. Some of them felt sorry afterwards it seems.

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" i just heard your wife say, 'Play an original,'" Jessica Mauboy said. "Can you play an original?," obviously feeling gracious to humor him. Angus happily obliged and introduced the tune revealing to the coaches how he came up with the song. "This is a song I actually wrote about a dream I had. I was a tiger, looking for my girlfriend in the jungle," he shared,

While he implied a love song that could have ferocious lyrics, what he served actually made people listen twice, and not in a positive way. According to news reports, it's safe to say the coaches and the viewers were not expecting Angus' original to be quite so rude.

Some of the lyrics went, "If it's a jungle and I'm a tiger, looking for p**sy, I need to find her."

"If I wasn't after p**sy I'd be taking home a monkey tonight," another line went.

The lines had Jess giggling, but they made Keith Urban uncomfortable. At one point, the two covered their faces in shock. On the other hand, Rita Ora and Guy Sebastian started laughing in embarrassment. Viewers were less tolerant because they worried about the kids watching.


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