True-blue Beatles' fans rejoice. Paul McCartney is set to release some never before seen lyrics.

According to the Guardian, Paul McCartney upcoming book "The Lyrics," will give fans privy to some exclusive lyrics that were never heard by the public. If this is not exciting news enough, then what is?

The book is going to present an impressive number of songs - 154 to be exact. As  is described by McCartney, 79, each one of these features a "self-portrait." Each individual song will come with  a commentary from McCartney, who recently released "McCartney III" with regard to its creation.

The book's publisher Allen Lane also revealed to the Guardian that it will contain the lyrics to an unrecorded song titled "Tell Me Who He Is." This book has an exciting release date of November 2.  

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Just this year, the poet Paul Muldoon told the Guardian that the book will also contain features of meetings he and the singer had in a span of five years.

The book was announced just a month after McCartney's Beatles docuseries was launched on Hulu and made available to the avid streamers. In the program, titled "McCartney 3, 2, 1," the iconic singer and songwriter has shared exclusive details with Rick Rubin. One of these details is the fact that after the tell-all lyrical book is dropped, it will also be accompanied by a display in the British Library spanning months. It will be there between Nov. 5 to March 13 if no changes are made. 

The book's release is quite timely. It will drop just in time for Peter Jackson's Beatles documentary, titled "The Beatles: Get Back."The documentary is going to debut on Thanksgiving. 

Back in 2020, he gave one of his most candid interviews yet to GQ magazine. First off, he shared that the pandemic has been treating him quite kindly, unlike others. He said he sometimes feel quilty about that.

"I was very lucky, actually. At the beginning of the year we were on holiday and then the lockdown started just after we got back and so I flew to England and spent the time with my daughter, Mary, and her kids on the farm. So, suddenly, we were all locked down there. So it's not been bad at all. In fact, I feel a bit guilty admitting that it's not been bad, and a lot of people do," he shared.

He said it allowed him to reflect on the value of both music and family.

"I knew the value of my family and it's been great being able to spend more time with them, but it doesn't mean I want to do that all the time. I like working as well. But relationships are important. Family is important. Music is important," he explained. 

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