Just hours after Kanye West's "Donda" album finally dropped and the tracks finally accessible through the streaming platforms like Spotify, fans already knew this was going to be as controversial as it can get.

Apart from reportedly including some dissing tracks against ex Kim Kardashian and a fight with DaBaby's manager breaking out almost at the same time as its release, the rapper also now accused his record label Universal of releasing the project without his consent. 

"Universal put my album out without my approval," he wrote in an Instagram post on August 29. The statement was released via an image on Sunday. Universal Records is yet to react.


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Kanye went on to say that the company also "blocked" his collaboration song with DaBaby, entitled "Jail 2." At present, it is true that the song is the only one that cannot be played on Instagram, as it is still grayed out." And they blocked Jail 2 from the album," Kanye signed off the post. The statement seems to be written in a shouting manner, as the text looked stunning black text against a crisp white background. 

But one can probably attribute to DaBaby more than Kanye West. After all, DaBaby is still under fire for recent homophobic remarks. It is probably wise therefore that Kanye did not add more comments, as they could backfire. The post however, amassed up to nearly one million likes in under an hour.

But if what Kanye said is true, then does he mean "Donda" should be more delayed? Should the album truly be released at the same time as Drake's, which is rumored to be at September 3?

It can be remembered that fans were caught up in an idea that Kanye West and Drake are truly feuding once more (now already reported to be only fake), because they planned to release their respective new albums on the same date. There were even reports of fans going for Drake's music over Kanye if that happens. 

"I don't care how you want to spin it. Drake is the bigger artist at this point and i'll listen to CLB first put respect on the boy," one  of Drake's supporters @MaximeJLANdr1,wrote.

Is Kanye sad about losing an opportunity for a Drake showdown? After all, their fans were excited about the possibility!

Ultimately, a neutral party noted that Sept. 3 will be a great day for hip hop fans all over the world. "September 3rd HISTORY will be made. Kanye West Versus Drake in real life!!!" one Twitter user wrote. "The 2 biggest male artist since 2010 will go head to head to see who the top dog is. I cant wait!!," another added.

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