Soulja Boy is seriously sour-graping about being cut off from Kanye West's "DONDA." Not only did he give Kanye a piece of his mind, he now took on a more personal route by asserting that he was the first rapper to be with Kim Kardashian.

Kim is Kanye's estranged wife, after the two filed for a divorce earlier this year. However, the two have also figured into many reconciliation reports of late, so it's not clear now if what Soulja Boy is saying could still hurt Kanye or not.  

"I might diss u every day for the rest of my life how I'm feeling, [Kanye West]," tweeted Soulja Boy on Aug. 31. This marks the second day of the feud between him and Kanye, 44. Although, because Kanye refuses to reply, it's looking to be entirely one-sided, which can be insulting for Soulja if he thinks about it. 

It is apparent that Soulja, 31, is still angry about his verse was cut from "Remote Control," a track off of Kanye's "DONDA," as reported by Hollywood Life

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The "Crank That" rapper now decided to hit Ye where it hurts, although given the confusing relationship between Kanye and Kim at the present, it's unclear if Soulja made the right move. Will Kanye even care?

"I was the first rapper with [Kim Kardashian], not u," tweeted Soulja, alongside a long-ago photo of him and Kim. The two looked of course really young, since the photo is taken in the late 2000s. So many things have happened since then. 


Apart from this kind of gross post about Kim, which is condescending really not to Kanye but to the lady in the picture, Soulja Boy also challenged the rapper to a fight. 

"I wanna fight. Do u know how to fight? @kanyewest I feel like u a hoe. Let's get in the ring?", Soulja mocked Ye.
He then proceeded to bring up Ye's "embarassing" and "corny" support of Donald Trump and Taylor Swift. Soulja said Kanye should not come out as a "Swifty," and instead apologize to her for real. 

"Bitch ass n-- apologize to Taylor Swift," tweeted Soulja. "If [you] would have ran on stage and snatched a mic from my hand I would have knocked yo ass out live on MTV," he added. Everyone by now know what happened between Kanye and Taylor Swift.

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