John Lydon spoke up about the tough battle of his wife, Nora Forster, against a neurological disorder.

A challenging event has hit Lydon and Forster after the matriarch has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

He appeared on "Good Morning Britain" this week, where he revealed how the health issue affected their life ever since she started suffering from the disease in 2018.

"It's come on really strong and really quick. You're asked questions of course by the doctors. 'When did the symptoms first start?' But I really don't know as I told the last doctor. She's always been able to lose her keys. Are these indicators?" he detailed.

The former Sex Pistols rocker has been serving her since the diagnosis came out positive for the disorder. As Forster's caretaker, he can know what his wife can still remember and what she cannot anymore.

According to Lydon, his 78-year-old wife can still remember the events 20 years ago with complete accuracy.

Despite losing her early memories, the singer pledged not to abandon his wife amid the battle.

Although it impacted their lives negatively, he acknowledged the fact that it also has been a strange blessing as he learned a lot about himself while growing closer to her.

As for the secret behind their 45 years of marriage, Lydon said they "rowed openly and willingly with the greatest of pleasure."

At the end of the interview, he spoke in front of the camera and seemingly asked someone to tell his wife he loves her.

Lydon Went Through A Lot, Too

Before his "GMB" appearance, he sat for an interview with Mirror U.K. and admitted that the Alzheimer's battle made them love each other even more.

He also expressed his worry about his wife as he began promoting his new memoir "I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right" across the country.

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"I need to have monitors in the home. Being away for lengths of time will be tough and I need to make that as brief as possible. You can't take situations like my domestic situation on the road. It's not gonna work. I've tried and it drove everybody insane," he explained.

Because of his current situation, Forster reportedly needs 24/7 attention. Still, he is determined to look after her himself.

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