HyunA and Dawn chose not to be part of the dark side of the K-pop industry and followed what their hearts wanted instead.

Even after years of dating, HyunA and Dawn remain in each other that their chemistry has been highlighted more by their recent comeback.

On September 10, the couple sat for an interview with Studio Waffle as part of their promotion for their unit debut. Despite having an ideal relationship, the duo reportedly talked about what they want if they break up, including not deleting their social media photos.

When asked if they would still follow the agreement, Dawn said, "It's still valid. I think I could leave the pictures there. I could create another account."

He also expressed his undying love for HyunA, pledging not to love again if he breaks up with her.

After the interview, their fans expressed how impressed they felt toward their relationship. They even compared them to Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon.

"Dawn is like Lee Sang Soon because they are both not as sensitive and Hyori and HyunA can just be themselves haha," one said, as quoted by AllKpop.

Another quipped, "Also that part where they mentioned how HyunA might have been warrior and Dawn a concubine in their past lives in Joseon."

HyunA, Dawn's Relationship vs. K-pop Dating Rules

Since the beginning, there has been an unwritten rule in K-pop about the idols giving up their love lives if they want to be successful. This reportedly allows the idols to focus on their fans, leading to more income for the group and entertainment.

But things are different for both HyunA and Dawn.

Their former groups, 4Minute and Pentagon, were both created by Cube Entertainment. After the girl group's debut in 2009, they decided to disband in 2016. It allowed its members to pursue their careers, with HyunA going solo.

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Meanwhile, Pentagon arrived in the same year when 4Minute got dissolved. Two members of the group, Hui and E'Dawn, joined HyunA in the co-ed subunit Triple H.

In 2018, they admitted they are dating each other already, causing major buzzes in the industry that does not approve of relationships. Despite that, HyunA and Dawn braved everything and left the entertainment instead.

They continued their career as a duo under P Nation. Since then, they have freely expressed their feelings while promoting music together.

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