Fans of NCT's Lucas came together to compile all the evidence to prove the K-pop idol's innocence.

The past weeks have been tough for NCT and its sub-unit, WayV, after its member Lucas became the subject of damaging allegations.

It all began when Twitter user Ooooshiiim made allegations against the idol, saying he gaslit them and used them for money. Days later, several Chinese women made similar claims and shared screenshots to prove their statements.

Lucas has since apologized for his past behavior, while SM Entertainment decided to put him on hiatus for now.

In response to this, fans immediately conducted their investigation to defend him and the group.

NCT Lucas is Innocent

On Soompi, an article made by fans detailed the allegations and shared counterattacks to clear Lucas' name.

They found out that the Twitter user who claimed to be a Korean ex-girlfriend of Lucas is not a citizen of the country at all. Koreans opt to use Naver as their mail server domain instead of Gmail.

The tweets posted on the account were reportedly translated using a translation service as the texts all sounded unnatural. Another investigator proved it by logging into the account, seeing that the user indeed used a Gmail domain.

From August 22 to August 29, the user reportedly shared nothing but a premeditated attack against Lucas.

The user's Instagram account also showed the phone number with an area code that belongs to Indonesia. This supported the investigation team's findings that the accuser is not really in Korea.

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The latter part of the document also explained one by one the alleged proof against Lucas.

For instance, the WeChat records are reportedly fabricated due to the gaps between the messages. The letters and dates on the alleged screenshots are also misaligned. The same thing happened to the suspected voice messages from Bubble.

Meanwhile, all the photos used in the conversations reportedly came from sasaeng fans. In South Korea, fans with toxic culture receive the "sasaeng" title and are often criticized for harming the idols.

The article served more proof, including the non-existent second ex-girlfriend, sleeping photos, and the jacket photo.

"Taking the above data into account and with other digital data such as the location data, translation service languages used to manipulate the alleged allegations, we can categorically conclude that these accusers have questionable credibility, and are not who they claim to be," the article concluded.

Lucas recently canceled his flight to China while WayV's scheduled promotions have been halted for now.

No additional information about the members' current status has been publicized.

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