The Met Gala is fashion's biggest event. This year, the committee decided to go with the theme "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," where celebrities showcase their dazzling and expensive clothing. Hailee Steinfeld is not an exception as she took the risk and wears a platinum blonde wig, but she was mistaken for another celebrity.

The music artist recently trended on Twitter and sparked a heated debate whether who attended the event; was it Bebe Rexha or Hailee Steinfeld?

"Almost unrecognizable?!? I wouldn't believe it was her, if it weren't for her distinctive little beauty marks. Beautiful young lady, no matter how she's styled! Huge transformation here." one fan wrote.

"no bc why i thought this was bebe rexha, WHAT DO YOU MEAN THATS HAILEE STEINFELD..... I- PACK IT UP I GTG," another fan wrote.

The answer is Hailee Steinfeld! The actress/singer never failed to make her fans swoon over her coral-esque fashion paired with a blonde wig and bleached brows, which is unlikely for her because she always embraced her dark brunette hair. (check out the photos below)

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Her micro-mini dress was designed by renowned Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen, who specializes in futuristic fashion silhouettes.

She's also known for combining traditional haute couture with technology. Ruslan Nureyev styled Steinfeld's hair; he took to Instagram stories to share a behind-the-scenes footage with the caption, "Did something different."

The actress is no stranger to the Met Gala; this is her tenth time attending the event.

According to Just Jared Jr., the singer was just 15 years old when she first attended the prestigious fashion event. She has already worn pieces by Stella McCartney, Dona Karan NY, Vera Wang, and more.

Hailee Steinfeld Is Not The Only One Who Turned Heads

During the event, many celebrities also made headlines with their choice of outfit for this year.

Kim Kardashian was brutally criticized on Twitter when she arrived wearing an all-black bodysuit by Balenciaga, and her face was also covered. (check out the photo below)

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