Eminem initially didn't have a good relationship with his mom during the height of his success.

He even featured her in some of his hits, using her problems on substance abuse and illegal money-gaining schemes that instantly top the music charts.

But in 2013, he later chose to forgive her.

Who Is Eminem's Mom?

Eminem's mom is named Deborah 'Debbie' Nelson. She met her husband, Marshall Bruce II, in Lancaster High School when they were young.

At age 15, Debbie quit high school to marry him.

Three years later, she gave birth to her first child, Marshal Mathers III, now known as Eminem.

A few months later, his dad left Debbie, and she was forced to work low-paying jobs to support herself and her son.

They lived between Kansas and Detroit in poverty. According to the "Lose Yourself" hitmaker, Debbie was always desperate for money and would falsely accuse companies of receiving money from them.

When Eminem gained popularity in the early 2000s, Debbie would even capitalize on her son's success.

In the last few years, everybody knew that they had a bad relationship. While the "Rap God" hitmaker rapped about Debbie, she, on the other hand, wrote a book in 2008 titled "My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem," so that she could clear the air and finally let Eminem's sons hear her voice.

Debbie accused Eminem of lying so that he could gain popularity. But now, the mother-son duo is in a good relationship that they even starred in a music video together.

Eminem released a song titled "Headlights" in 2013, which talks about his past relationship with her.

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Eminem's Mom Spaghetti - What's Going On With It?

Eminem is also venturing into the food and beverage industry by opening his first restaurant in Motor City early this week.

The name of the restaurant, the menu on the store all revolve in his rap lyrics.

The brick-and-mortar is located at Union Assembly in downtown Detroit, and during the opening, Eminem had to make sure he was there to greet the guests.

He posed at the drive-through window and in a room with some of his musical mementos plastered on the wooden wall. Eminem also served pasta.

Some of the food they're selling there include the famous spaghetti for $9, spaghetti with balls $12 or vegan balls $14, and spaghetti sandwiches at $11.

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