Did R. Kelly score himself a gig following his guilty verdict?

In an article by The Daily Princetonian, the university's Undergraduate Student Government Social Committee has reportedly announced that they will have a headliner for the Fall 2021 Lawnparties concert - and that is Robert Sylvester Kelly, the disgraced rapper's real name.

He was reportedly booked following allegations of sexual misconduct also surfaced against the previous headliner, LANY.

According to the committee's Chair, "After everything that's happened this week, we wanted an artist that would excite the student body and make them feel good."

"We think that hits like 'I Believe I Can Fly' and 'Ignition (Remix)' can do just that."

The other reason they reportedly booked Kelly was because of his booking fee. According to the committee's leadership, it was "shockingly low given his Spotify follower count."

In an interview conducted by the paper, R. Kelly's agent described the Lawnparties booking process as "very smooth," since he doesn't have any other upcoming engagements.

The agent said, "Besides this concert, we really only have the appeals trial."

"Right now the boss has an ankle bracelet - but worst case scenario, he can perform under house arrest from inside the mansion."

R. Kelly Performing AGAIN?

The Daily Princetonian wrote the news about R. Kelly doing a final performance before prison is "purely satirical and entirely fictional."

It may not even be possible for the 54-year-old Chicago native to perform or have other commitments after getting a guilty verdict early this week.

Following weeks of emotional and graphic testimony, the "Laundromat" singer was convicted on all counts in his New York trial on Monday.

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What's Going to Happen Next for R. Kelly?

Now that R. Kelly's New York trial has ended, one of the many questions people are asking is what would happen next?

He has been behind bars since July 2019, but he wouldn't be sentenced until May 4, 2022.

Kelly faces the possibility of life in prison for violating the Mann Act, an anti-sex trafficking law that bans taking people to the state for immoral purposes.

However, he still has other charges in other states such as Illinois and Minnesota, where Kelly pleaded not guilty to similar charges.

It is unclear as of writing when the trial for the two states is happening.

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