Having grasped the craft to its core, he's turning out to be the current music sensation, out to conquer the music realm.

Music is a creative craft which is difficult to grasp for any individual who's not put in his heart and soul into it. In present times, music has become an integral part of everyone's lives with people turning towards it as it has an endearing quality about it which cannot be expressed in words. It's a known fact that music has the power to touch hearts, furthermore a few creative musicians have struck the right chords with the audiences with their outstanding work, which is worth a bow. Out of these few creative talents, we have one name who has raced ahead of all in terms of popularity and connecting well with the audiences. He is MGM Measures, the current music sensation who has charmed the audiences with his spectacular work.

This powerhouse of talent hails from Riverside, CA, and is a known artist/songwriter, self-made producer and engineer, who has been making the right moves which has taken him to the next level. His passion towards the craft has got him connected well with the audiences, and he's been proving himself right every time by giving them the best experience through his music. Talking about his passion for the craft, it was imbibed in him long back, as a young kid, when he was drawn towards musical instruments and wanted to master them all. His love for music kept spiraling in the upwards direction, and before he knew he was entwined into the hip hop genre, learning the nitty-gritty of it by practicing for long hours. Formerly known as Prafess earlier, he started rapping in 2004, and eventually started engineering his own music in 2010, only to improve in his line of work with time.

His talent got noticed, and soon he was opening for MGK, The Game, Bone Thugs N Harmony, G Eazy, Soulja Boy and many more. Today, having established himself as a fine artist, he's running his own studio named MGM MEASURES LLC, which caters to his various clients who want to make it big in the world of music.