She has many new projects under her belt, which will only propel her forward in the music scene across the world.

With changing era music industry is also growing widely with massive young talents enhancing their skills efficiently. Like any other industry, the music industry is also highly competitive. To establish in this artistic world, one needs to have pro knowledge of music, implementation skills, rhythm knowledge, and many such qualities. When we talk about music, there are various versions and many factors. Today, let's have a glance at the singing and songwriting part of the music world. Meet one such promising future of the music world - Epiphany Monet. The young talented singer and songwriter.  

Epiphany hails from Southern California. She has been highly passionate about music from a very young age. She always wished to pursue her dream in music as she grew up listening to her brother, who always used to sing, write songs and played guitar and drums, which developed the love of music in her life and after which she gained pro knowledge of music rhythms and skills to write efficiently. Though establishing herself in the music industry was quite challenging, she worked consistently with her unique talent in writing and singing. 

Her first album is - "When I'm Feeling Lonely", which consists of 10 powerful songs. Her album was much acknowledged by the industry and audience, which inspired her to work harder to create unique tracks. She is a big fan of Indian music and its artists. She is now collaborating with an Indian artist, and this collaboration will definitely thrill the music industry. She is also gaining much popularity for her new projects and is also coming up shortly with her new project with musician Andrew Garcia, for which she is working hard to create magic through her voice and skills. 

Epiphany is now one of the renowned personalities of the music industry. Her talent for writing and singing has touched the heart of millions of audiences across the globe. This young talent is definitely the bright future of the music world. 

For more music knowledge, do follow her on Instagram @epiphanymonet.