Following her choice to return to Australia, Fitzy & Wippa were joined by Kylie Minogue. The singer was candid and generous in her answers about this big move and what her plans are now that she's going to be back in Australia.

First off, Kylie claims that she is aware that there has been a lot of changes in Australia, and she wishes she could spend more time with her familySarah McGilvray inquires if Kylie will be bringing her boyfriend Paul Solomons to Australia, to which Kylie responds, "As and when he can." She also remembered the pandemic and said, "when trips a little bit easier."

It was already reported after she made the decision to move that Paul won't go with her, even though their feelings for each other have not changed. There are also some reports that  Paul left his job in London last month which should allow him to spend more time with Kylie in Australia and make the move there feasible, if he eventually wants to

As to her primary plans in Australia, she revealed that it's to reassess her "work-life balance." That said, instead of work, work, work, and producing new music, her agenda is to relax first. The singer has a lot of fond memories of Australia, especially with her family celebrating her initial successes.

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Kylie recalls the first time she and her family gathered around the kitchen table to hear her song Locomotion debut at #1 on a local radio countdown, exclaiming, "I'll never forget it. She also said she and a girlfriend were turned down by Chasers nightclub in Melbourne.

It was only a few days ago when it was reported that the singer has already made the decision to relocate, after 30 years in the UK. It can be described as a spur-of-the-moment decision in that she was not thinking about it up until something triggered her to do so - the pandemic.

A source close to Kylie said, "This year, when she was in Australia for an extended period due to travel restrictions, it gave her time to think about where she wants to be based." She added, "Like many artists she spends much of her life on the road or travelling so she doesn't anticipate that this is a major change for her as she's never in one place for a long time anyway." 

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