Pooh Shiesty's career might as well be at a dead end as he faces trial for attempted murder and will probably face life in prison as a consequence of his actions.

The rapper's name is stapled over headlines as articles report his involvement in an armed robbery in Florida.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the "Back In Blood" singer was allegedly part of the incident that resulted in one man getting shot in his behind.

The hearing presented the October 2020 case wherein the Shiesty and his party were identified as the culprits in the hotel rendezvous, which included a rented McLaren, high-end sneakers, and drugs as evidence of their crime.

Pooh Shiesty Loses It

The celeb drove the car to the hotel accompanied by his road manager and driver, respectively- Bobby Brown and Jayden Darosa with the purpose of purchasing luxury designer shoes and a request to extend the terms of his rental agreement.

However, the accused ended up causing a scene after pulling out his firearm while in the middle of making his purchase.

An innocent bystander had tried to exit the dangerous premises but ended up getting a bullet shot through his buttocks.

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Pooh Shiesty Deals With The Aftermath

A different publication, Advance Local, continued to state that the accused were in so much of a rush to escape the incriminating scene. They even managed to drop a whole Louis Vuitton bag filled to the brim with cash.

Authorities discovered a whopping total of $40,912 in the driver's seat of the rented vehicle. The dollar bills further provided the prosecutor with evidence that the rapper was indeed connected to the case.

And as the source proceeded to report, the serial number on one of the $100 bills matched those that Pooh had shown off on his Instagram stories days prior to the incident.

The artist, who goes by Lontrell Williams under the government, had filed a petition to have his trial moved to a later date but decided to change his mind last minute and withdrew his appeal.

His trial commences on October 25 and is scheduled for a four-count federal indictment.

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