Even though Britney Spears and her mother Lynne and younger sister Jamie Lynn have had their differences throughout the course of her conservatorship, Britney is reportedly "moving in the right direction." 

Britney Spears, 39 attained a major victory last week by having her father Jamie Spears removed from her conservatorship. She may now try to mend fences with her 30-year-old sister Jamie Lynn and her mother Lynne, who she has chastised for performing her songs in the past and even passively using her.

Hollywood Life has learned that Britney wants to be close to her sister, but it's difficult because she is close to her mom and chats with her dad, according a family source. Getting back to normal "family dynamics when this isn't cleared up."

Britney Spears reportedly also does not want to talk carelessly about her family because she's still hopeful that one day they can just patch things up and like a real one. 

"She doesn't want to talk emotionally or say the wrong thing after the work they've done to get here," the source continued. "She loves her family very much and would one day like to have a healthy relationship with all of them when this is behind her."

One more source added that,  "Today, Britney is in a good place in that this is all moving in the right direction for her. Ideally, she just wants to get it over with."

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Because of her conservatorship lawsuit, Britney's mother and mom's relationship has been in the spotlight. However, because they haven't been seen together in public for some time, there are allegations that their once-close friendship is now strained. It was in July that Lynne confessed she had "mixed feelings" about the issue and Britney and her father's legal struggle, but she also backed Britney's decision to employ her own private counsel, which she did when she hired Mathew S. Rosengart that very month. 

Meanwhile, if Brtiney Spears is being careful about what to say about her sister, Jamie Lynn is reportedly planning a tell-all about her own mental health. It remains to be seen whether she'll talk mostly about Britney and what her sister's situation did to her in effect. 

Jamie Lynn Spears announced the release of her biography 'Things I Should Have Said' claiming it will see her open up about her struggles with her mental health. The timing could not be more suspect, since the announcement was made  after Britney appeared to hit out at Jamie Lynn for not supporting her as she tried to fight the conservatorship she has lived under for 13 years. 

Taking to her Instagram account, Jamie shared the cover of the book, where she revealed that portion of the profits will go to "This Is My Brave," a non-profit organisation that helps people address mental health sitgmas, which are harmful. .

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