In recent days, YG has been chastised for mistreating Blackpink member Lisa. The Thai-born superstar's solo debut had almost little promotion and was over in just ten very QUICK days. The label also faces criticisms for its stylists' usage of box braids and the music producers' use of AAVE for the b-side song, "Money."

The management tried to pacify fans by having Kmedia declare that Lisa will visit Paris Fashion Week alongside her Blackpink bandmates Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie, but it was unsuccessful. Because ultimately, she was not allowed to attend a Paris Fashion Week event. 

Despite being in France, Bvlgari's CEO and Vogue Thailand expressed their dissatisfaction at Lisa's absence from the fashion shows. Lisa had been invited to Etam's presentation and Bvlgari's campaign, but according to the CEO in a special Instagram post, her label cited Covid-19 as an excuse for her absence. 

She was, however, vaccinated, and the rest of Blackpink was permitted to attend the packed Paris fashion shows. This made people wonder what is really the deal with Lisa.

However, many are also unhappy that one news organization even tried to drag  Jennie into the issue.

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The Thai Enquirer reported on October 6 that Lisa had been denied entry to Bvlgari's Paris Fashion Week show. The issue is described in the article, as well as how individuals have responded. However, it made a misstep by tagging Jennie, which had fans accusing it of targeting the singer.

They believe the agency was seeking to gain social media attention by using Jennie's name or implying that she was engaged in Lisa's mistreatment. They said that it was entirely YG's fault and that Jennie had no right to be engaged in the matter. 

On the other hand, the Thai Enquirer's response was deemed unprofessional. Fans allege that the media agency's editor and writer, Sir Cod Satrusayang, ridiculed and disregarded their indignation. 

As a response, they've launched a hashtag called #ApologizeToJennie, which quickly trended.



One said that Jennie's fans were accused of "overreacting" but the reality is that the news site is using Jennie when they should have focused on YG alone.

It remains to be seen how this will continue to unfold.

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