Day6 Jae spoke up about his well-being after fans worried about his mental health following an alarming Instagram Live.

Day6 vocalist and guitarist held another Instagram Live session where he addressed his previous session where he spoke disturbing things.

In the broadcast, which was archived on YouTube, the K-idol assured his fans he is doing well. He also asked everyone not to worry about him as he does not have plans to do anything crazy.

"I was on Twitter, and I was like seeing all these things with like, 'Jae's going to do something crazy, everyone needs to stop bashing.' Like, yeah, I'd appreciate it if everyone would like just chill out a little bit, but it's not that serious. It's really not. You guys don't have to worry about me like that," he went on.

Although he clarified he is doing just fine, Jae also touched on his previous Instagram Live statement and said he meant what he said.

Amid all the struggles he endures, the Day6 member reportedly feels a little bored as he has not been doing as many things as before. Still, he acknowledged how everyone - including the band - has been working seamlessly in the past few days.

What Day6 Jae Did That Make Fans Extremely Worried

In the past months, Day6 Jae has been embroiled in several issues. It all started when he played the game Rust on his now-deleted live stream, where he did an NSFW act on another character, saying, "This guy, he is my sugar daddy."

After issuing an apology statement, Jae no longer held live streams on the platform.

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As to Instagram Live earlier this month, he spoke against JYP Entertainment and seemingly hinted at his departure from the agency by ending his contract.

"I just want to make it very clear that you have won this war, you have won this battle, you have made me realize you're right I don't belong here," he said. "You're right. You've won. You're gonna get what you want. Just give me time to make it work."

The agency has constantly been putting aside the Day6 member. For what it's worth, he repeatedly called out JYPE for not reposting his solo projects. He also alleged that the company caused him to shut down his YouTube channel, jaesix.

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