Flo Milli went on TikTok and teased her upcoming track "Ice Baby", honoring one of the biggest reality stars to date.

Global Grind reported that the 21-year-old rapper dressed and reenacted Tiffany "New York" Pollard on one of her famous scenes from VH1's 2000 reality show "Flavor of Love."

New York Style By Flo Milli

The singer channelled her inner New York as she posted the video captioning, "Ice Baby loading up..." and the date October 21, which will be the day when the song will debut.

As of writing, the video garnered over 150,000 views on the platform, while Flo Millie took her chance to strut with her New York persona, mouthing the words from the iconic scene with her song playing in the background. Also, based on the said report, the 2021 XXL Freshman released her latest single, "Roaring 20s," in February, and since then, she has been tucked away working on new music. The young singer debuted her first mixtape, "Ho, Why Is You Here?" under RCA Records and '94 Sounds. The said tape included her singles, "Beef FloMix," "In the Party," "Not Friendly," "Like That B-tch," and "Weak." Last week, according to NME, Rico Nasty also teased a collaborative track with fellow rapper Flo Milli. Also, on the famous short video social media platform, Nasty posted a clip portraying the childhood game "Red Light Green Light" based on Netflix show Squid Game. The caption read, "POV: they play your song with Flo Milli in Squid Games," with Rico pretending to play the deadly game. The video started with a haunting song and switched with a snippet of the as-yet-untitled track. READ ALSO: Britney Spears To Hold $1M Worth Birthday Bash Over ONE Reason [Report]

Fans React

Numerous fans have gathered as her new TikTok spread on Twitter and mentioned how she completely resembles her Tiffany Pollard in a short clip.

One stated, "I know that ensemble and saunter anywhere Face with tears of joy the one and only Tiffany New York pollard "you think I give af? Cause I don't."

Many of her followers attached a short clip of Pollard and what she was imitating while saying that they look forward to her new song coming soon.

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