Tommy DeBarge, a famous musician and member of the R&B/funk band "Switch," has passed away at the age of 64.

According to a family member who spoke to TMZ, Tommy suffered from liver and kidney failure for the past years, but his condition has worsened recently as he was hospitalized a few weeks ago.

His body eventually gave up, and he died on Thursday in the hospital.

The musician rose to fame in the 1970s; his band was known for their hits such as "I Call Your Name," "Love Over & Over Again," "Ther'll Never Be," and more.

Aside from working with "Switch" he also became a part of the "DeBarge," a group established by him and his brother Bobby, which composed of their other siblings: Bunny, Randy, Marty, El, James, Chico, Peaches, and Young.

The two brothers left "Swtich" to mentor their younger siblings in the band. Unfortunately, Bobby died in 1995 due to complications from AIDS.

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The band, whose original name is "The Debarges," initially had four members - Bunny, Randy, Mark, and El - who moved to Los Angeles, California to sign with Motown records.

The four siblings underwent a two-year training before releasing their first record in 1981. James joined the group the following year, and the band changed their name to "DeBarge" only.

They later released their album "All This Love," which sold millions of copies.

All in all, "DeBarge" had three gold-certified albums under their belt and ten hit singles before disbanding in 1986.

Bobby DeBarge's Death

Tommy's brother Bobby died in 1995, but he suffered a tragic life leading to his death as he had a long battle with addiction that resulted from alleged molestation by his father.

According to Grunge, Bobby was the first one in their family to succumb to drugs. He started battling heroin addiction in his teenage years. There are times that he becomes sober, but he always returns to use opioids.

Before his untimely death, he finished his final album titled "It's Not Over." He was placed in a hospice by his family at the age of 39.

After the release of his record, he passed away.

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