Lil Nas X and Boosie Badazz are still making headlines after the latter shared a homophobic rant on Twitter, which was later deleted by the social media platform. More recently, Big Freedia, an LGBT icon, is weighing in the situation, seemingly defending Boosie.

The Queen of Bounce recently spoke to TMZ to address the situation defending the rapper saying Boosie Badazz doesn't hate gay people in general; he just hates the "Montero" hitmaker.

"I don't think Boosie is homophobic, I think he just has a problem with Lil Nas." She said. "Boosie's new movie has lots of gay folks in there, he has a whole gay scene in jail." she added.

Regarding Freedia's stance on Boosie using the homophobic F-slur, she mentioned that "people get upset."

When asked about her advice for Lil Nas X and Boosie, Freedia mentioned that the two should go out on a dinner date to talk about it.

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What Happened To Lil Nas X, Boosie Badazz?

Boosie Badazz has been letting his true feelings known about Lil Nas X for the past few months.

According to NME, the drama started a few months ago when he told the 22-year-old singer that he would "beat his ass" in a homophobic tirade.

At the time, Boosie was defending DaBaby's controversial comments about HIV and AIDS during this year's Rolling Loud festival in Miami, Florida.

He even labeled Lil Nas X as the "most disrespectful m*********** in the world."

The "Call Me By Your Name" hitmaker took to his Instagram live to troll the Louisiana-based rapper, saying he's currently collaborating with him in a song.

The singer's fans took the joke lightly as they continued to laugh in the comments, but Boosie is not having any of his claims.

Boosie launched a homophobic rant using slurs which opted Twitter to take down the post due to violation of their rules and regulations.

"Stop trolling me f****t Lol. U a whole bitch playing with a gangsta SMH U can keep sucking dick n getting fucked n your ass n peace," the tweet began. "N #uhateyourself I would too if I was you LOL." he wrote. (obtained by the outlet mentioned above)

"NasX if you #commitsuicide you would do this world a huge favor Nobody wants U here." he added.

Lil Nas X took the opportunity to troll Boosie once again with misdirection by tweeting, "I am truly assened, I have never been so mirtified in my life."

"I can't believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire October," he jokingly added.

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