Huening Bahiyyih triggered an online debate after Kep1er's members seemingly snubbed her during their V Live broadcast.

After the "Girls Planet 999" announced the nine trainees who made it to Kp1er, the girl group held its first-ever V Live broadcast to interact with their fans.

However, the same appearance caused Huening Bahiyyih's fans to express their heartbreak toward to idol as she was seemingly left out in the video.

A fan shared photos on Pann Nate showing Huening Bahiyyih not being able to see fans' comments from the two tablets given to them. She only hovered around as the members freely scrolled through the devices.

The user who made the thread questioned, "Oh man why are they doing that to a young kid?"

Meanwhile, AllKpop compiled the other users' comments on the website. Some suggested that Huening Bahiyyih was not shrugged away at all.

One user penned, "Don't say she's being bullied then the rest of the members will get malicious comments. Stop framing Huening to be a victim of bullying. I think the issue is that Huening is just staying passively in the corner like that."

Another claimed that the girl group members still feel awkward. Still, everyone noticed how the members proudly read comments about her being pretty. They also took care of her throughout the broadcast.

"I mean she got so many comments saying that her fans rigged the votes so she can be part of the group so do you think she would gain confidence just at the first V Live?" another asked.

How Did The Bullying On Huening Bahiyyih Start?

It all began when disappointed fans took to Twitter and said that the trainee did not deserve to debut. Some of them accused her of not doing anything, with others suggesting it is understandable that she gets bullied.

X Sports News reported that the show's viewers questioned the results and slammed Huening Bahiyyih for making it to the group.

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After the bullying instances emerged, "Girls Planet 999" PDs respectfully asked everyone to stop hating on Huening Bahiyyih.

Kim Shin Young and Jung Woo Young told TenAsia that the hateful comments should be stopped.

"She is someone who received a lot of love and votes from fans all around the world. Even the staff could see that she had her own charm and had enough potential on stage," Kim Shin Young said.

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