Park Yoo Chun opened his heart to fans as he dropped a new album before leaving the industry for good.

On Friday, Park Yoo Chun gave closure to his Korean fans by dropping his single album, "Da Capo." The K-pop idol reportedly worked hard during the whole production of the album and joined its concept planning up to songwriting.

The album includes three tracks - "You...(Kiss Your Sky)," "Sun Goes Down," and "LILAC."

While it would be his last project in South Korea, Park Yoo Chun will continue his activities in the global music market outside his home country.

His international fans also showed massive support to the singer, tagging him on the heartfelt messages they penned about him.

One said, "It so hard to write in limited characters and I'm planning to be more in-depth in another platform regarding this. Overall, I love it! Love every ounce of it. I know I ditched Taylor swift's All too well release just to have my time with Yoochun's Da Capo and I regret nothing."

"Thank you for your message. I also think that Yoochun is very sincere. I met Yoochun and learned the beauty of scenery, the beauty of words, and the beauty of my heart. Let me continue to support Yoochun together," another added.

Why Park Yoo Chun Will No Longer Promote In South Korea

The arrival of Park Yoo Chun's song came after the court approved the injunction filed by the Seoul Central District Court to ban Park Yoo Chun from joining the industry again.

"The court rejected all of Park Yoo Chun's defenses and decided that he should not be involved in any entertainment industry activities such as producing albums, videos, any promotions, appearances on television, etc.," part of the statement said, as quoted by YTN.

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Park Yoo Chun's management Yesperar Co. Ltd's legal representative also delivered the shocking news. It also extended the company's gratitude toward the court for its wise judgment over Park Yoo Chun's future as an artist.

Park Yoo Chun's downfall began when his ex-girlfriend, Hwang Ha Na, had been embroiled in a drug abuse case. Sisa Journal reported that Hwang Ha Na spoke proudly of her connections with high-ranking police officers - the reason why she was never convicted due to drug use.

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