EXO's Chen will reportedly welcome a new baby with his wife soon, yet fans question how as he's enlisted for the military.

It was 2020 when the vocalist announced his marriage and his wife's first pregnancy in a handwritten letter for his fans. And by April that year, his partner gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in the neighborhood of Cheongdam in Gangnam District, for which his company, SM Entertainment, confirmed.

Later on, in October, his co-members from EXO sent him off to military enlistment to carry out his mandatory service, becoming the fourth member to enlist following his single "Hello" on the 25th.

In much more recent news, Chen, real name Kim Jongdae, reportedly will become a father-of-two as his agency also confirmed that they are expecting their second child.

Fans React On Baby Arrival

As soon as the fans heard the announcement, the idol's name immediately topped the trending list as fans filled the social media platform with their reactions and messages for Chen.

One EXO-L, EXO's official Fanclub name, tweeted, "Congratulations jongdae, wishing you a lifetime of happiness with your little family~!" Another one also said, "jongdae said he wants a daughter and son (in this specific order)! i hope it's a baby boy this time. congratulations jongdae," attaching emojis at the end.

  "We would like to send Jongdae with our most sincere wishes! Please stay healthy and well in the remaining of your enlistment. Meanwhile, your fans and dandelions will continue to wait patiently until you greet us again with your music," one more fan stated.

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'While In Military?'

After all the heartwarming messages from the fans, the other side of the fandom noticed that the singer got his partner pregnant again for a short time after giving birth to their first. This led to the fans questioning, "while in military?"

A fan proclaimed, "If Jongdae can have a second child in less than a year after his first WHILE he's still doing military service so there's no way your s/o can't text back while doing their works." Many also found the situation funny, saying, "Jongdae's wife is preggy while he's in the military!!! Idk it's funny for me but vvvvv happy for them!! CONGRATULATIONS."

This was refuted by their co-fan explaining how Chen can get his wife pregnant while in the military, known for their strict service requirements. "'While he's in the military?' it was already made clear that because jongdae is a parent, he's able to go home every night. y'all acting shocked maybe y'all should just pay attention [sic]," one Twitter user stated.

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