One post has revealed how Tomorrow X Together's vocalist Hueningkai has been helping other people with his recent TikTok update.

The Redditor started their post saying, "I wonder if Hueningkai knew how many people he was helping when he posted his "What I Eat in a Day" TikTok video," and listed down reasons why.

The said TikTok video showed the 19-year-old introducing what he eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, November 9, with a caption, "Eat with me."

Hueningkai Best Boy

User YeonjunsAndromeda began their long explanation, saying, "Personally, and as someone who's recovering from an eating disorder and who's learning how to eat in a healthy way, it made me very happy to see him have similar eating habits as I do now."

"And honestly I didn't think much of this video besides of how happy it made me to see him having healthy eating habits until I saw the comments." They also recognized the number of people who were grateful in the comments and thanked the young singer for helping many people regain strength to eat correctly and how they'll use this video for motivation to form healthy eating habits.

More people have also left many tearful comments thanking him "because they felt less alone when eating." Supportive statements from various TikTokers are evident in the comment section as well, which made the Redditor "tear up a bit."

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Tomorrow X Together, 4th Generation Leaders

Hueningkai, along with his group members, Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, and Taehyun, has always received praises from the media and the fans for becoming a good representative of the 4th Generation era.

The "Magic" singers recently topped the list of most followed boy group on TikTok under BTS and have been incredibly influential ever since their debut in 2019. The user also took note of the group for using their large platform well, encouraging "healthy behavior amongst their audience."

   @txt.bighitent eat with me  ♬ Glitter - BENEE     

"This also reminded me of how they're very comfortable with setting clear boundaries and speaking up about the things they don't like, also encouraging healthy fan behavior which honestly are the biggest green flags I've seen," the Reddit post concluded.

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