Kris Wu, a former member of EXO, has been banned from live streaming and broadcasting in China.

The Land of the Sleeping Giant ultimately pursued its goal to eliminate the chaotic celebrity fan culture that has been causing issues online.

Reuters confirmed that China's capital city partnered with the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) to remove the negative influence celebrities are causing on Chinese youths.

A statement released on Monday named Kris Wu as one of the 88 people who have been banned in the industry. It alleged that the former K-pop star violated the ethics and cultural values the country has been promoting through the years.

Following the release of the report, internet users offer mixed reactions. While some fans remain loyal to Kris Wu, others expressed their relief now that the celebrity will be out of the limelight.

One said, "You know.. growing up with Kris Wu it was like I had someone to look up to. Then after it all happened it was like being let down. Without even knowing him. I'm glad he's banned. Because even though it hurts, no preditors should ever have a platform."

Meanwhile, others mentioned him in their posts and supported him following the event.

"If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get up. s Never give up! Fanfan, we are still with you. We believe in your eyes. Eyes are never lie, right? Show them no one can bring you down!! Show them you are stronger than all of them!!," one wrote.

What Happened To Former EXO Member Kris Wu?

It all began when Kris Wu's accuser, Du Meizhu, first shared screenshots of their conversation and communication with two other associates. Another woman unleashed the former K-pop idol's message to her, asking if she was interested in working in movies.

Du Meizhu then revealed that a year before breaking her silence, she was reportedly invited to the actor's home, where she was allegedly pressured to drink alcohol. She found herself in Kris Wu's bed after losing consciousness.

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An associate then contacted her to offer what she believed was hush money. When she declined the offer, the associate reportedly threatened her with a lawsuit. In the end, she received $80,000 into her bank account.

More similar claims came to the limelight, including one from Zhang Dansan, who Kris Wu reportedly asked if she was a virgin.

Kris Wu has since denied the allegations, saying he never did something against underage girls.

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