After a week full of clues and speculation from her dedicated Swifties, today (Aug. 11) Taylor Swift made the not-so-shocking Twitter announcement that she will be hosting a live stream event on Aug. 18 on Yahoo! Though the content of that live stream has yet to be officially revealed, a few lucky fans will have the chance to be there right when the music breaks. That's right, T. Swift is offering fans a chance to travel to New York City to watch the Yahoo! event in person.

Swift is hosting the contest on her official website, offering her "biggest fans" the chance to attend the NYC event in person.

According to the contest's official rules, 89 lucky Swifties will have the chance to travel to New York to attend the Yahoo! session, where Swift is expected to make an official announcement about her fifth studio album and most likely debut a brand new single.

The rules dictate that fans must be over 18 years of age and able to travel to New York City at their own expense. But how do you get in on this event?

Simply enough... by filling out basic questionnaire answers and responding with one 500 word (or less essay). The prompt? "Tell us why you are an enthusiastic Taylor fan, and what you do to tell others about Taylor and her music, including how often and where!"

Easy enough... or totally stressful and life-changing! (Depending on where you're at in the scenario.)

Contest winners will be chosen on Aug. 14, just four days before the live stream. The contest closes on Aug. 12.

Swift's Yahoo! live stream will take place on Monday, Aug. 18, at 5 p.m. The presumed album announcement will mark the beginning of Swift's new record cycle. Her last album, Red, was released in Oct. 2012.

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