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REVIEW: Hilary Duff New Single 'All About You' is Full of Hooks, Banjo and Sweetly Sexy Lyrics [LISTEN]



First, Hilary Duff was "Chasing The Sun," but now she wants you to know she's "All About You." In her continued effort to come back into the world of pop music, today (Aug. 12), the former Disney star released her second single of 2014, the hook-filled, bubbly track "All About You."

Whereas Duff's first official comeback single "Chasing The Sun" was a bit of a generic take on the summer anthem, "All About You" oozes poppy successes. Keeping with the same laidback, sunny vibes as her first new song, "All About You" improves on "Chasing The Sun" with its killer hooks, which are seriously plentiful.

Try not to sway and sing along when Duff sings the "Hey baby baby" refrain in the pre-chorus and it's nearly impossible not to at least bop your head to the powerful chorus. Featuring accompaniment from a banjo, handclaps and the heavy hand of a drum, "All About You" feels like a big ol' stomping party.

Whereas the instrumentation goes one way, Duff's voice wanders into its own territory, playing against the music and making an irresistible combination.

Lyrically, the undertones are a little bit dirty, with lines like "You could be my dirty secret / We could only be a rumor / You could meet me in the backseat / A ticket up in first class," being a little shocking considering Duff's American sweetheart image, but she offers the lines up with so much sugar that it nearly goes by unnoticed.

Chalk this one up as an actualy sunny win for Duff.

Listen to Hilary Duff's new single "All About You" below:

"All About You" is a new single from Hilary Duff, presumably the lead track from her forthcoming new album. Duff's comeback effort has yet to receive details such as a release date, title or tracklist, but it's reportedly due before the end of the year.

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