June 24, 2018 / 6:46 AM

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Dolly Parton's Message to Kenny Rogers in her Ice Bucket Challenge - "You’ve got to Pay Extra for the Wet T-shirt Contest"



(Photo : Matt Cardy)
Dolly Parton, being a lady from the south, simply isn't seen in public without her hair, nails and makeup done. For a good cause like ALS (not to mention a dare / challenge from Kenny Rogers), she broke that rule and went public without her trademark wig and with minimal make-up. (This is where I have to mention how great she looks at 68!)

With two of her nieces, Rebecca and Hannah, ready to do the deed, Dolly shared a photo of them as children, kissing their aunt Dolly and said, "Now they're willing to drown me. Thanks girls! I really appreciate it!"

She took off her earrings and her scarf but kept her shoes, laughing that they're plastic, "but then again, so is the rest of me. That's beside the point!" The girls added more ice and then it was time. Two buckets of ice water later, Dolly said that she wasn't challenging anyone but she did have a message for Kenny Rogers. She said, "Kenny, you got to pay extra for the wet t-shirt contest!"

Dolly is classy, beautiful and funny -- even when she has been doused with freezing water! I hope I'm that graceful when I'm 68!

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