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"The Rev" Jimmie Bratcher - The Secret is Out!

Pastor, evangelist, author, singer, songwriter and guitarist, "The Rev" Jimmie Bratcher preaches in churches almost every Sunday, but at night, you'll find him sharing his testimony and blistering guitar licks onstage in blues clubs and at music ...

Q&A: Tiny Ruins Hits The Coasts Before New Album

Tiny Ruins played a tiny room at Culture Collide Festival last weekend. The audience chatted as singer and guitarist Hollie Fullbrook sound-checked. In minutes, she was belting above the gentle acoustic and took command. Everyone fell silent and ...

Q&A: Baroque Pop King Jacco Gardner Plays Culture Collide

If you haven't an idea of Jacco Gardner, think Donovan-like offspring of Pink Floyd and The Zombies. Meeting him, you could be fooled into thinking you're frozen in a 1967 D.A. Pennebaker documentary. Just for a moment. And then you realize he's a ...

EXCLUSIVE: The Tins Break Out Of 'The Green Room,' Anticipate Upcoming EP and Full-Length In 2014

It's a little after 7 p.m. on a Thursday night in early October, and The Tins are standing across the street from Pianos in New York's iconic Lower East Side. The band is playing that night by way of any other show. They hope this gig proves more ...

Hate is Not of God

In this exclusive interview with Stryper's Michael Sweet, he talks about the Stryper Fan Weekend, the upcoming album and the love of God versus the hate that some people spend their lives spewing.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Driven by Desire; Not '60s Pop, Not Indie Pop, Not NASCAR

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. didn't figure it would end up succeeding as a band. As guitarist and vocalist Daniel Zott told Music Times, Ken Griffey Jr. Jr. or Hank Williams Jr. Jr. would have worked too (he wasn't aware Hank III already existed). His band ...

Touché Amoré: Life Is Good, but Los Angeles Band Keeps It as Hardcore as Ever on 'Is Survived By'

Touché Amoré and vocalist Jeremy Bolm are in a good place. They've gotten to tour in support of great acts including Rise Against, A.F.I. and Converge, and things are looking up. Which can be tough when you're in a hardcore band. Find out how Bolm ...

Band of Heathens Brings Sunday-Morning Feel to 'Sunday Morning Record,' Including Their Own Roast of Coffee

Band of Heathens had a tough year during 2011, and remaining songwriters Ed Jurdi and Gordy Quist responded with "Sunday Morning Record." Rather than lashing out, the band relaxed.

New Faces for Friday - Meet Covenant 31

Patrick, Heather, Josh and Ashley Eddolls, along with Dave Schreiber, make up the Arizona band known as Covenant 31.

True Widow: Band 'Circumambulates' Stoner Rock and Shoegaze On Way To Original Rock Hybrid

True Widow considers itself to be a "stonegaze" band. That doesn't necessarily mean it sounds anything like stoner rock or shoegaze.

The Cosmic Psychos: Grunge Influences Are Yeomen by Day, Australian Punk Legends by Night

If you ask Ross Knight, bassist and vocalist for Melbourne's Cosmic Psychos, how he regarded the band, he'd probably refer to it as a "hobby." Members of the bands the Psychos have influenced (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, The Melvins, L7) tell a ...

The Greencards May Be Largely Australian, But they've Got Americana Down Pat on 'Sweetheart Of The Sun'

The Greencards is the calling card for Kym Warner and Carol Young, two Australian expats playing bluegrass and Americana in the United States. The group wraps more than just those two countries into its new album "Sweetheart of The Sun" however.

Sam Phillips Waxes Retrospective On 'Push Any Button,' But Doesn't Forget Elements That Make Music Timeless

Singer-songwriter Sam Phillips wanted to write her new album as if she were in the '60s. She knew that the qualities behind good music went beyond style and instrumentation however.

Traumatic Bus Accident Only A Speed Bump for Baroness as Band Finally Tours in Support of 'Yellow & Green'

Baroness had just released the critical smash "Yellow & Green" when a bus accident in England left the band and its crew broken, but not beaten. Now the group has reformed and is finally touring the United States to support the record.

Life is Beachy for Los Angeles Band Soft Swells, For Better or For Worse

Tim Williams wasn't trying to emulate the sensation of pleasant surfing when he named his band Soft Swells (just trying to describe his surroundings in Los Angeles), but the group's music had that effect anyhow. Some of the offerings on Soft Swells' ...

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