Chris Martin performs with U2 at World Aids Day

5 Times Square Music Events from 2014 That Weren't 'Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve'; Featuring U2, Kanye West, Michael Jackson and More

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Happy New Year to those who read this article seven hours late, and happy preparation for the new year to those of you reading it today. Right now most of the music world's attention is on Times Square for another night of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, featuring performances from Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line and Idina Menzel. Midtown's main tourist attraction has long been the headquarters for the American celebration of another year coming to close but this isn't the only time big name musical acts have stopped by. Here are five other musical events you may have missed in the last year as you were clawing your way toward the Bubba Gump's location for lunch.READ MORE

The Everly Brothers

Remembering Musicians Who Died In 2014: Phil Everly, Bobby Womack, Pete Seeger, And More

Buzz 17:35PM EDT

2014 saw the passing of a fair share of aging musical legends, but it tragically also saw the deaths of many relatively young artists well before their time. This list honors just some of the artists who passed away this year, so if there are any that you think we may have missed, you can post your tributes down in the comments section below.READ MORE

Mark Mothersbaugh

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh and Director Wes Anderson are Making a Theme Park Together

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Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh and director Wes Anderson, who have worked together on a laundry list of movies, will be putting their creative ambitions into building a theme park.READ MORE

Devo -

Devo to Release Lost Live Album 'Miracle Witness Hour,' Share Live Version of 'Uncontrollable Urge'

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Legendary post-punk band Devo has announced the release of a new live album, "Miracle Witness Hour," which was recorded in Cleveland all the way back in 1977 prior to the release of the band's debut album "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!" The album is set for release Dec. 1 and will include liner notes written by founding member Gerald Casale. You can also listen to a live version of "Uncontrollable Urge."READ MORE

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor

7 "Head Like A Hole" Covers for Nine Inch Nails' 'Pretty Hate Machine's 25th Anniversary: Devo, AFI and More

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If your friend insists on arguing that 'Pretty Hate Machine' is a better record (everyone's got one of this friend) than 'The Downward Spiral,' smile and nod before suggesting that perhaps "Head Like A Hole" is better than any one track on 'Downward Spiral.' This is still a contentious argument, but far closer to reality than the previous one. The track's been a live staple for every one of those 25 years and many other groups have tried their hand at it. We decided to rank a few.READ MORE

Bruce Springsteen

7 Cover Songs That Sound Nothing Like The Original: Bruce Springsteen, Devo, And More

Exclusives 18:29PM EDT

Though most cover songs remain pretty much faithful to the original arrangement, an interesting cover song should take the basic elements of the original and build something entirely new and unique out of them. Here are seven cover songs that sound nothing like the original.READ MORE

Can you spot anything wrong with Andre 3000's imitation of Jimi Hendrix?

11 Cases of Left-Handed Musicians Making It: Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and More

Genres 13:49PM EDT

August 13 marks Left Handers Day, so Music Times is celebrating by highlighting the accomplishments of musical southpaws.READ MORE

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire Tour Openers Will Be Devo And Television

Genres 12:26PM EDT

Consequence of Sound reports that new wave legends Television and Devo will be opening for Arcade Fire on some upcoming dates of their Reflektor tour. Devo will open on July 30 in Mountain View, California, and again in Chicago on August 26 and 27. The New York-based Television will open at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 24.READ MORE

Nirvana 'Nevermind'

8 Classic Album Titles Taken from Song Lyrics: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, and more

Exclusives 12:34PM EDT

Many of the greatest albums of all time have title tracks on them, or songs that the album is named after (London Calling, Highway 61 Revisited, etc.), but an even more interesting trend is naming the album after lyrics, rather than one of the songs. Here are eight classic albums that took their titles from the lyrics.READ MORE

Black Sabbath -

8 Albums That Open with Their Best Song: Frank Zappa, Black Sabbath, and more

Exclusives 11:19AM EDT

The tracklisting for an album can make or break the listener's opinion of it. If an album doesn't open powerfully enough, the listener might not even make it through the rest of the songs. These eight albums got around this problem by placing the best song right at the top.READ MORE

'Daisy Bell (Bicycle Built For Two)' sheet music.

Nick Cave, Tyler The Creator and Katy Perry cover American classic 'Daisy Bell' for Mark Ryden's charity album

Genres 00:36AM EDT

Painter Mark Ryden has commissioned various performers to record their own covers of American classic pop song "Daisy Bell (A Bicycle for Two)" for his art exhibit The Gay 90's: West.READ MORE

Devo announces 2014 U.S. tour dates with some proceeds benefiting Bob Casale's family

Trending News 12:19PM EDT

Following the sudden death of guitarist Bob Casale, Devo has announced dates for a summer tour. A portion of the proceeds will go to Casale's family.READ MORE

Bob Casale of Devo

Bob Casale, longtime Devo guitarist, passes away at 61

Genres 19:11PM EDT

One of the founding members of legendary alt-rock group Devo has passed away. Bob Casale, the group's longtime guitarist, died yesterday (Feb. 17) of heart failure.READ MORE

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