June 24, 2018 / 12:54 AM

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Leaked Video Shows R. Kelly Saying ‘It’s Too Late’ To Stop His Music Legacy

In a viral video, R. Kelly responded to the sexual misconduct accusations made against him by saying that his legacy is untouchable. This comes a day after a woman filed a lawsuit alleging that the singer gave her herpes.

R. Kelly Faces Lawsuit Alleging He Gave A Woman Herpes

A young woman from Texas filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly. She was in a relationship with the singer-songwriter since she was 19 and the abuse lasted for nearly a year.

Spotify Announces New Hate Content, Conduct Policy, Removes R. Kelly From Official Playlists

Spotify announced its new policy that bars hateful content that expresses or incites violence against a person or group because of race, gender, or religion. The streaming service also took a stand against R. Kelly.

R. Kelly Management Says Time’s Up Movement 'Rushed To Judgment' Joining #MuteRKelly Campaign

The Time's Up movement called for the boycott of R&B singer R.Kelly for the numerous sexual abuse allegations made against him by several women. His management continues to deny all accusations.

Janelle Monae Drops Teaser For New Album 'Dirty Computer'

Janelle Monae directed a futuristic video to tease her upcoming album 'Dirty Computer.' The short video starred Tessa Thompson and will tease a complimentary movie that will be screened in selected theaters.

Hillary Clinton Makes Surprise Appearance At 2018 Grammys To Read ‘Fire And Fury’

The 2018 Grammy Awards had their political moments and one was Hillary Clinton's surprise appearance. She was among the mock contenders for the best reader of 'Fire and Fury.'

David Copperfield Sexually Assaulted A Teen Model In 1988: ‘Don’t Rush To Judgment,’ He Says

Illusionist David Copperfield found himself in the #MeToo firing line after a model came forward accusing him of a decades-old sexual assault. The accusations surfaced after Copperfield made an ill-advised plea on Twitter for understanding for the ...

James Franco Accusers Detail The Actor’s Sexual Misconduct In First Televised Interview

Two ex-students from James Franco's film school appeared on 'Good Morning America' to tell their stories of sexual harassment at the hands of the Golden Globe-winning actor. The two women came forward following an explosive Los Angeles Times tell-all ...

Justin Timberlake Called Out By Dylan Farrow Over 'Credibility As An Activist' For Time's Up

Dylan Farrow slammed Justin Timberlake for working with Woody Allen in the movie 'Wonder Wheel.' In an epic Twitter burn, Farrow schooled Timberlake why he cannot be a male feminist while working with problematic people.

William H. Macy Reveals There’s An All-Male Time’s Up Group, Argues Men ‘Don’t Talk Enough’

Celebrated actor William H. Macy called for more input from men in relation to the #MeToo and Time's Up campaigns. Macy shared that he was part of a group of men who met recently to discuss the issues.

Robert Redford On #MeToo Movement: ‘The Role For Men Right Now Is To Listen’

In a press conference kicking off Sundance 2018, founder Robert Redford espoused the wide-ranging benefits of the #MeToo and Time's Up movements. He also discussed the absence of super producer Harvey Weinstein, and the push for more female-directed ...

Brigitte Bardot Decries #MeToo Movement, Slams Women For Being ‘Hypocritical And Ridiculous’

Screen icon Brigitte Bardot has followed in her French sisters' footsteps by speaking out against the #MeToo movement. Bardot critized female victims in a new magazine interview for crying wolf about nonexistent sexual harassment.

Michael Douglas Accuser Comes Forward, Claims He Rubbed His Privates While In A Meeting

Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas has been accused of sexual assault in a searing op-ed column. Douglas had already preempted the sexual assault allegations, which are thirty years old and which he vigorously denies.

Matt Damon Sorry About Sexual Misconduct Comments: 'I Really Wished I'd Listened'

Saying he should’ve listened before speaking out, Matt Damon apologized after coming under fire for his comments on sexual misconduct in Hollywood. Now, the actor has promised to take a backseat on the topic.

Oprah Winfrey Meets With The Women Of Time’s Up: Here’s What They Discussed

Following her rumored presidential bid, Oprah Winfrey sat down with the women behind Time's Up for a long-ranging interview. They discussed their mission statement, assault allegations across industries, and whether there's ever room for forgiveness.

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