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The Game recently released his 'Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf' album.

The Game Underwhelms with 'Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf'

Oct 2014 16:29PM EDT

Since the release of his debut album "The Documentary" nearly 10 years ago, The Game has been the crown jewel in West Coast hip-hop. He climbed the ranks among his fellow MCs and captivated many with his lyricism, but many great artists have hiccups in their discography, and the underwhelming "Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf" may be that for the hungry Game.READ MORE

'Absent Sounds' by From Indians Lake

From Indian Lakes Brings A Corgan-Esque Ethereality to Rock on Its Triple Crown Debut 'Absent Sounds'

Oct 2014 12:09PM EDT

Society always celebrates the records that top the Billboard 200 album chart. Back of The Billboards is a Music Times weekly segment that looks at the opposite end: the new record that finished closest to the back of the Billboard 200 for the previous week. We hope to give a fighting chance to the bands you haven't heard of.READ MORE

Tinashe recently released her debut album 'Aquarius.'

Tinashe Wows With Her Debut Album 'Aquarius'

Oct 2014 10:52AM EDT

After non-stop radio spins from her summer hit "2 On," Tinashe released her highly anticipated debut Aquarius to critical acclaim. After being dubbed the next Beyoncé by a critic from the New York Times, the Los Angeles-based songstress received a slew of praises from various other outlets. Check out a round-up of what critics are saying here.READ MORE

Before Amen: A Worship Collection

'Before Amen: A Worship Collection' Review

Oct 2014 20:45PM EDT

At the end of the day, 'Before Amen: A Worship Collection' is filled with a calm and soothing strength that is much like Darlene Zschech's song, "My Highest Hope" which is her first recording since battling breast cancer. God is supreme and we are his beloved so our prayer time with Him, those minutes or even moments before amen, fills us with his mighty love and strength.READ MORE

Weezer - "Everything Will Be Alright In The End" (2014)

Junk Mail: Weezer 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End' Album Review

Oct 2014 15:19PM EDT

Weezer return to form on their new album "Everything Will Be Alright in the End."READ MORE

Lady Antebellum, "747"

Junk Mail: Lady Antebellum '747' Album Review

Oct 2014 15:57PM EDT

Music Times discusses Lady Antebellum's new album "747," a beautiful piece of country music (sans the bro-y singles).READ MORE

Desperation Band - Banner

Desperation Band Sets the Standard for Worship with 'Banner'

Oct 2014 12:33PM EDT

The songs found on 'Banner' nurture a relationship with Jesus, regardless of the age of the listener or the stage of their walk. Each and every note honors God and magnifies His love for us.READ MORE

Thom Yorke - 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes' (2014)

Thom Yorke's 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes': A Track-By-Track Review

Sep 2014 12:48PM EDT

Yesterday, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke revealed the true meaning behind his mysterious white record by releasing a new solo album "Tomorrow's Modern Boxes" through Bit Torrent. Here's a track-by-track review of Yorke's surprise album.READ MORE

Mandisa - Get Up: The Remixes

Mandisa Get Up: The Remixes

Sep 2014 18:44PM EDT

Mandisa's remix project, 'Get Up: The Remixes,' took some of her already dance-ready songs and made them even better. Some tracks got a little faster while some slowed down a bit, but regardless of what treatment they got, the end result was pure fun with touches of electronica and a lot of fearlessness.READ MORE

Alt-J This Is All Yours

Junk Mail: Alt-J 'This Is All Yours' Album Review

Sep 2014 17:37PM EDT

Alt-J's new album "This Is All Yours" is a stunning work of indie rock.READ MORE

Chris Brown "X" Album Cover BIG

Junk Mail: Chris Brown's 'X' Reviewed By Email

Sep 2014 17:52PM EDT

Welcome to Junk Mail, where a few Music Times staffers casually email back-and-forth about each week's biggest release throughout the work day. This week Carolyn Menyes, Kyle Dowling, Caitlin Carter chat about Chris Brown's new album, X. Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments section, and check back next week for more.READ MORE

Jhene Aiko - "Souled Out"

Junk Mail: Jhene Aiko 'Souled Out' Album Review

Sep 2014 17:17PM EDT

Music Times emails about Jhene Aiko's new album "Souled Out" and are kind of bored by it.READ MORE

Maroon 5 "V" Album Artwork

Junk Mail: Maroon 5 'V' Album Review Performed Via Email

Sep 2014 17:33PM EDT

Music Times reviews Maroon 5's new album "V" and argues about whether or not Adam Levine and co. have sold out.READ MORE

Ariana Grande "My Everything" album artwork (big)

Junk Mail: Ariana Grande 'My Everything' Album Review Via Email

Aug 2014 17:02PM EDT

We discuss Ariana Grande's new album "My Everything" via email and question whether or not she can even carry a single on her own...READ MORE

DJ Mustard

DJ Mustard Remains Stagnant on 10 Summers

Aug 2014 11:59AM EDT

We've reviewed one of the most anticipated albums of the summer. Here are our thoughts.READ MORE


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