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'Honest' by Future

Junk Mail: Future's 'Honest' Album Review...Performed Via Email

Apr 2014 15:41PM EDT

Music Times writers share an office area of roughly 45 sq. ft, which makes having face-to-face conversations totally impossible. Junk Mail is these millenials' attempt to discuss and review the week's hottest album releases... without needing to look at each other.READ MORE

Ronnie Dunn - Peace Love and Country Music

Ronnie Dunn Delivers Peace Love and Country Music

Apr 2014 21:35PM EDT

Ronnie Dunn's indie debut on his own label, Peace Love and Country Music does a lot of things, but most of all, it proves that he still has one of the best voices in country music today. Whether it's the new, original tunes or the one solitary cover ("You Don’t Know Me," made famous by Ray Charles and Elvis Presley), he's putting his heart into it and making you feel each word.READ MORE

John Frusciante, "Enclosure"

Junk Mail: Emailing About John Frusciante's New Album 'Enclosure'

Apr 2014 16:31PM EDT

Music Times writers share an office area of roughly 45 sq. ft, which makes having face-to-face conversations totally impossible. Junk Mail is these millenials attempt to discuss and review the week's hottest album releases... without needing to look at each other. This week: Ryan Book, Caitlin Carter and Carolyn Menyes email back and forth about John Frusciante's Enclosure.READ MORE

Cher Lloyd, "Dirty Love"

REVIEW: Cher Lloyd Rejects Your Niceness in 'Dirty Love'

Mar 2014 12:17PM EDT

Cher Lloyd is following in the steps of Kesha... she's all ready for your "Dirty Love." Yesterday (March 30), the British pop sass master/pop star released the third song from her new album "Sorry I'm Late," and the track is a sugar rushed ode to those guys who treat you like crap.READ MORE

Kari Jobe - Majestic

Kari Jobe's 'Majestic' is Practically Royal

Mar 2014 23:06PM EDT

Listening to Kari Jobe's new project leads to an overwhelming urge to worship. Listeners are gently drawn into each song, like children being led by a loving father to the throne. A sense of joy and utter peace comes on and before you know it, you're hooked! Every song on "Majestic" shines with an unchanging thirst for God's presence. READ MORE


Rapture Ruckus 'Invader, Volume 1 - EP' Review

Feb 2014 22:21PM EDT

The follow-up to Rapture Ruckus's 2011 full-length album, Open Your Eyes was funded by a successful IndieGoGo campaign which promised two different EP projects. The first one, Invader Vol 1 delivers the Rapture Ruckus sound listeners fell in love with. The second one, which will come later this year, will be a more stripped down, raw sound, that may surprise fans.READ MORE

Justin Bieber

Review: Justin Bieber New Single 'Broken' [LISTEN]

Feb 2014 11:18AM EDT

After a rocky winter, Justin Bieber has given the world his musical response. Over the weekend, the troubled 19-year-old singer dropped "Broken."READ MORE

Carrollton - Breathe In Deep

Carrollton's 'Breathe In Deep' is an Intense Journey

Feb 2014 12:50PM EDT

Fans of NEEDTOBREATHE and Rhett Walker Band will fall in love with Carrollton right off the bat. With "Breathe In Deep," lead singer / guitarist Justin Mosteller, bassist Jordan Bailey, lead guitarist Jeremy Menard and drummer Michael Loy deliver a confident project full of pure faith and love. READ MORE

Eric Church - The Outsiders

Eric Church - The Outsiders - Where the Dark Meets the Light

Feb 2014 16:05PM EDT

On Eric's fourth release, he mixes up not only the personalities of the songs but also the musical aspects, throwing in rock, rap/spoken word and a touch of blues. Some fans will love the mix. Others won't because each song doesn't line up like precise little toy soldiers. It comes down to personal taste and whether you prefer a multi-faceted approach or a straight country licks down the line touch. For me, I am a big fan of seeing more than one side of any artist so I'm seriously diggin' (and relating to) 'The Outsiders.'READ MORE

Kutless - Glory

Glory from Kutless is Simply Glorious

Feb 2014 17:09PM EDT

For those who are thinking "another CCM worship album?" never fear - the rock chops are there. These guys can still make music that makes you want to bang your head; now you just want to raise your arms to Heaven while you're doing it! Delivering songs that will work in private worship moments, in church services or in youth group meetings, Glory is pretty glorious.READ MORE

Beck "Morning Phase" cover art

Beck Really Harkens Back To 'Sea Change' With New Song 'Waking Light'

Feb 2014 11:51AM EDT

Beck is still preparing to move into the Morning Phase of his career, and it seems like this one is going to be a slow-moving affair. Three weeks before the official release of his 12th studio album, Beck has premiered a second song off the album, "Waking Light," and revealed details about the record in an interview with NPR.READ MORE

Jamie Grace - Ready to Fly

Jamie Grace is Ready to Fly (Album Review)

Jan 2014 15:51PM EDT

Highlighting the unique tone and texture to her voice and her beautiful heart, Jamie's sophomore album hits all of the right notes. As we've come to expect from the young songstress, there is no comfortable little style box her music fits in. She combines elements of pop, country, R&B, and rock effortlessly.READ MORE

Rhonda Vincent - Only Me

Rhonda Vincent Delivers Bluegrass and Country

Jan 2014 22:15PM EDT

For the past 20 years, people have been asking Rhonda Vincent if she's a country singer or a bluegrass singer. Her upcoming release, Only Me, answers that question with a resounding "Both!" The 2-CD set delivers plenty of emotion and substance, with songs that come straight from the heart. From the smooth and upbeat tunes to the slower, sad songs, Vincent's voice is strong and on point, reminding us why she's gotten 5 Grammy nods.READ MORE

Beck "Morning Phase" cover art

Review: Beck Gets Beautiful on 'Blue Moon'

Jan 2014 11:41AM EDT

Beck's new album "Morning Phase" is just a little over a month away, with a newly set release date o Feb. 25. As promised (and teased) last week, the prolific alt-rock singer was due to drop a new single "Blue Moon" today at 10 a.m. EST, and of course, he delivered. The folksy, acoustic-driven track debuted this morning (Jan. 20) on radio and arrived on streaming services such as Spotify soon after.READ MORE


Switchfoot - 'Fading West' Album Review

Jan 2014 04:33AM EDT

With ten years having gone by since Switchfoot's mega-hits, "Meant to Live" and "Dare You to Move," one has to wonder if the title of their 2014 release, 'Fading West,' is a metaphor for "fading into the sunset" or if it's just a catchy title.READ MORE

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