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Hilary Duff Performs "All About You" in First TV Appearance in Seven Years on 'Good Morning America'

by Carolyn Menyes   Oct 7, 2014 11:45 AM EDT

It may (or may not be) hard to believe, but it's been over seven years since Hilary Duff has performed live on television, but now, the returning pop star has made her hiatus a thing of the past. Today (Oct. 7), Duff kicked off her comeback tour with a live performance of her new single "All About You" on Good Morning America.

Wearing a casual outfit consisting of blue jeans, a white tank top an a deep red leather studded jacket, Duff was notably a touch nervous performing live, though she quickly eased into her catchy, banjo-filled single.

Keeping in line with the song's relaxed vibes (and moving away from the super sexy music video), Duff kept things simple in her performance, standing behind a mic and allowing her voice to carry her through it all. Though the band was a little loud in the mix, Duff still managed to break through and shine, with audience members enthusiastically singing along to the track.

Before her performance of "All About You," Duff opened up about how her life has changed since her last turn at music, though she emphasized that becoming a mother to Luca Cruz Comrie, age 2, hadn't changed her all too much.

"I'm not sure that having Luca has changed my music, but I think taking that seven year break and having life experiences and growing... all of that gave me different material to write about," Duff said.

She also hinted at a slew of live dates in support of her upcoming new album, teasing a possible tour for February 2015.

Watch Hilary Duff's Good Morning America interview and "All About You" performance below:

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