We're sure you've heard about the biggest feud in music right now...what? No, not Iggy Azalea and whatever rapper thinks they're being real bold by dissing her. Rapper feuds have ultimately gotten boring as everyone has at least four. No, the best feuds are between rockers. And right now the best is between dad-rockers The War on Drugs and professional coffee house guest Sun Kil Moon (we kid of course...we at Music Times love both of 2014's Lost In The Dream and Benji, respectively). However an incident at the Ottawa Folk Fest has driven the two performers to loathing, or at least Sun Kil Moon to loathe War on Drugs. That bitterness has resulted in a track from Sun Kil Moon (aka Mark Kozelek) titled "War on Drugs, Suck My C--k."

We'll let the song describe what got this fire started: 

"We were up on stage I heard a classic drum fill/ Blasting 100 decibels over the hill./ It was getting pretty loud, I asked who it was. /A guy in a raincoat shouted back 'They're called War on Drugs.' /It sounded like basic John Fogerty rock./ I said 'This next song is called The War on Drugs can suck my cock.'"

If you're at all familiar with Kozelek and Sun Kil Moon, you know this is said over an acoustic guitar in a world-weary, storytelling manner. And, like other tracks from Benji, this song also stretches over seven minutes, featuring the performer laying out his grievances against "hillbillies," crappy concert staff and some blogger. 

He comes across as pretty harsh but he does slip in some lines like "I met War on Drugs and they're pretty nice" before delving right back into the nasty insults, so we feel the two acts have long since patched things up and are now just having fun. 

Check the track out at Pitchfork