Beyoncé and Jay-Z have had one heck of a year. Aside from earning an estimated $95 million, the couple has also been dogged by rumors about the status of their six-year marriage. One little bit of elevator surveillance tape that showed Solange Knowles beating on Jay was all it took for months of speculation to swirl. Instead of going their separate ways at the end of their joint tour in September, Beyoncé and Jay instead decided to vacation together, and apparently France left a lasting impression, according to the Daily Mail.

The couple spent quality time in Paris with their daughter Blue Ivy and various outlets are now saying that there is an excellent chance that Beyoncé and Jay will spend the majority of next year living there. Sources claim the couple has decided it is time to expand their family, and Beyoncé is looking forward to the idea of having a stress-free pregnancy in the City of Lights. She also kind of likes the idea of Blue Ivy picking up French as a second language in a natural way by living in Paris.

This plan almost makes too much sense. 2014 has been packed with work obligations and the added stress of what was, at least briefly, real marital turmoil must have left the power couple needing a lengthy break.

The real question might be whether or not Beyoncè is capable of taking time off. She is currently the top-earning woman in music, partly because she absolutely loves to work. While she and Jay might be in agreement about putting family first for now, will she really take an entire year off?

Are Beyoncé and Jay-Z smart to consider riding out a pregnancy overseas? They have reportedly really enjoyed the fact that they have been left alone in Paris and far less hunted by the paparazzi. After being chased all year, it must come as a welcome relief, don't you think?

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