Beyoncé Sparks Pregnancy Rumors During On The Run 2 Paris Stop

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The BeyHive claimed that Beyoncé is pregnant with her fourth child a year after she gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi. The rumors stemmed from a couple of clips taken during the Paris stop of 'On The Run II.'READ MORE

The New Yorker Festival 2014 -Laurie Anderson In Conversation With Alex Ross

Laurie Anderson Talks How Artists Respond to Tragedy in New Paris RBMA Lecture [WATCH]

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Influential artist Laurie Anderson recently gave a lecture at the Red Bull Music Academy in Paris to discuss how artists respond to tragedy. Anderson is, of course, renowned for masterpieces that fuse experimental electronic music with high-brow performance art, including the minimalist "O Superman" – which topped international charts as a single in the '80s and is on permanent display in the MOMA as an audiovisual work.READ MORE

Morrissey, Getty Images

Morrissey Claims Universal Halted Reissue of Paris Song in Wake of Attacks

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Former Smiths singer Morrissey is back in the news, this time claiming that Universal Records,who has since denied the accusation, thwarted his plans to reissue his 2009 single "I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris" in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.READ MORE

Vitaminwater And The Fader Unite To 'HYDRATE THE HUSTLE' For Fifth Anniversary Of #uncapped Concert Series

Thundercat and Mono/Poly Share Instrumental Tribute Track “Paris” [LISTEN]

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Bassist and songwriter, Thundercat, has collaborated with electronic producer, Mono/Poly, on an instrumental track in the wake of the attacks on Paris this past weekend. The somber song is fittingly entitled "Paris." You can stream the tribute here.READ MORE

Significant Death Toll Feared In Paris Terror Attacks

1 American Student Killed in Paris Attacks; Victim Count Rises to 129 Dead, 352 Injured

Off-Key 21:17PM EDT

The tragic attacks that struck Paris on Friday night (Nov. 13) have left millions around the world in shock and hundreds of families in mourning. One American has been identified in the Paris death toll, which now brings the victim count to 129 deaths and 352 injured (at least 99 of them in critical condition).READ MORE

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Shares Tumblr Post About Terrorist Attacks In Paris, Slams Donald Trump

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On Friday (Nov. 13), reports of terrorist attacks on Paris, France shocked the world. Word of the tragic events swamped social media and warranted various responses, including a Tumblr post from Frank Ocean. While sharing his thoughts, the singer also slammed Donald Trump for his tweets.READ MORE

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Kanye West Debuts "All Day" Video in Paris

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Kanye West debuted his new music video for "All Day," directed by Oscar-winning director Steve McQueen, at his concert series in Paris Saturday, March 7.READ MORE

John Kerry - Getty Images

Secretary of State John Kerry Defends Not Traveling to France Until Later This Week

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The U.S. has found itself under heavy criticism for not sending any senior officials to Paris for its Unity March and Rally that had more than 1 million supporters Sunday, Jan. 11. The relationship between French and U.S. officials is thought to be solid, so it came as a surprise to many that while 40 world leaders were on hand to support the French people after last week's terrorist attack, no one was there to represent the States. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry happens to speak fluent French and visits the country often — in fact he will be heading there later this week to meet with leaders and pay tribute to the 17 victims of last week's attacks. When asked why the U.S. did not send a senior official as a show of support, Kerry insisted that our country has been in constant contact with the French government from the moment it became clear it was under attack. Kerry himself has also been criticized for delaying his trip to France, and he addressed the issue this morning. "As everybody knows, I have been here in India for a prior planned event. I would have personally very much wanted to have been there but couldn't do so because of the commitment that I had here and it is important to keep these kinds of commitments. That is why I am going there on the way home and to make it crystal clear how passionately we feel about the events that have taken place there. I don't think the people of France have any doubt about America's understanding about what happened, about our personal sense of loss and our deep commitment to the people of France in this moment of trial. I want to emphasize that the relationship with France is not about one day or one particular moment. It is an ongoing, longtime relationship that is deeply, deeply based in the shared values, and particularly the commitment that we share to freedom of expression," explained Kerry.READ MORE

2 Gunmen Cornered - Getty Images

Two 'Charlie Hebdo' Gunmen Cornered, Prepared to '"Die as Martyrs"

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After a few days of hunting, french police finally have 32-year-old Cherif Kouachi and 34-year-old Said Kouachi cornered in a printing company Northeast of Paris. The two men are believed to be responsible for the massacre at Charlie Hebdo's offices on Wednesday that left 12 people dead. The brother's are reportedly involved in a standoff with police and have taken at least one hostage. They also have no intention of surrendering, instead saying that they "want to die as martyrs".READ MORE

reaction to massacre at Charlie Hebdo - Getty Images

NBC Blames Sources for Inaccurate Reporting About Status of Gunmen in 'Charlie Hebdo' Massacre

Off-Key 14:25PM EDT

If you were tuned in to either NBC or MSNBC last night, Jan. 7, as your source for learning what was unfolding in France, then you no doubt were shocked when the network actually was reporting completely inaccurate information for at least an hour. While there has been major police activity in Paris and various parts of France, NBC claimed there had been a shootout about 90 minutes north of the City of Lights that killed one suspect in the terrorist attack on the offices of "Charlie Hebdo." Supposedly, the other two gunmen were in custody, tying up the manhunt with a nice, neat bow. Unfortunately, none of it was true. French police did capture the youngest suspect, 18-year old Hamyd Mourad, but even as of now, Said and Cherif Kouachi remain on the run. Once NBC realized its huge mistake, its representatives issued retractions of their earlier reporting. The network told Deadline, "NBC News issued an earlier report based on intelligence from two consistently reliable U.S. counterterrorism officials in different government agencies. As soon as it became evident that our sources doubted their information, we immediately updated our reporting across all platforms and continue to do so as this fast-moving story unfolds." At the time, NBC was saying that a senior security official was the source of their information. Even though the network acknowledged their misinformation as soon as they were made aware of it, it never actually apologized for its part in passing on misleading information in something as serious as a manhunt following a terrorist attack.READ MORE

Charlie Hebdo massacre - Getty Images

Various French Media Companies Offer to Keep 'Charlie Hebdo' Running

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Less than 24 hours after two gunmen walked into the Parisian offices of "Charlie Hebdo" and opened fire, killing 10 key staffers, the French media is working together to figure out how to keep the publication running. The publication takes a weekly satirical look at hot button political and religious issues — something everyone does not always appreciate. In fact, the offices were fire bombed back in 2010, leading to a regular police presence around the perimeter of the building the newspaper was located in. While not everyone agrees with the content that has been produced by "Charlie Hebdo," the right to produce it has been widely supported, especially in light of this tragedy. According to a report by "The Hollywood Reporter," the French media is beginning to work together to align itself so "Charlie Hebdo" will continue, exactly what the gunmen still on the loose did not want to see happen. "TV giant France Televisions, Radio France and newspaper 'Le Monde,' in a joint statement late on Wednesday, [Jan. 7,] vowed to offer human and material support needed to keep 'Charlie Hebdo' alive. They didn't immediately detail how much staff and what other help they would make available. "The three groups invite all French media who have mobilized since this morning to meet to preserve the principles of independence and liberty of thought and expression, the guarantors of our democracy," said an official statement that was announced this morning regarding the future of "Charlie Hebdo."READ MORE

Shooting at Charlioe Hebdo Offices - Getty Images

12 People Dead in Terrorist Attack at Satirical Newspaper 'Charlie Hebdo' Offices in Paris

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What an awful story to begin the day, as we have learned that two gunmen stormed the offices of "Charlie Hebdo," a French satirical newspaper, and opened fire during an editorial meeting. As of now, 12 people are confirmed dead and at least 10 more are injured. The shooting reportedly went on for five minutes and, in spite of having a shootout with police, both gunmen are still on the loose. The publication has been vilified for years because of its portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad and its offices were actually fire bombed once before. The publication had been seen as so much of a target that up until recently there was a strong police presence outside of the offices. Sources have said that it was only recently that the building became less protected. According to Chris Parsons of Yahoo News UK, French President Francois Hollande visited the site of the attack and has since called an emergency meeting. "Charlie Hebdo" has a history of causing controversy with cartoons of Islam's prophet Muhammad. Speaking to the BBC after its office was firebombed in November 2011, the paper's editor-in-chief, Stephane Charbonnier — who is said to be among the dead today — said the incident had only confirmed that it was right to take the stance it did.READ MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Twitter

Kim Kardashian Is Faking It Through the Holidays as Her Marriage to Kanye West Is Crumbling Fast

Off-Key 12:18PM EDT

Kanye West may have reluctantly agreed to spend Christmas with Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family, but that does not mean the couple is happy. Instead, he basically took one for the team and agreed to skip his planned trip to Paris to appease his wife. They have only been married for about seven months and already Kardashian is starting to realize she made yet another mistake and once again married the wrong man. Their relationship has always resembled a business relationship, but Kardashian apparently believed that once they swapped vows it would become a great love affair. Instead, she is now realizing that she is married to a workaholic that makes little time for her or their daughter, North West. Radar Online is shedding a bit of light on the rocky marriage and how Christmas together is not going to fix anything.READ MORE

Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at War Over Where to Spend Christmas

Off-Key 14:17PM EDT

It is starting to seem like Kim Kardashian's life with Kanye West is little more than a series of fights that carry on from one day to the next. The couple has barely been married for more than six months, and it seems that there is rarely any good news leaking out about them! We already know they were apart for Thanksgiving, with West opting to be in Paris rather than enjoying a big meal with his wife's family. Now it seems that Christmas is turning into an ugly battle as well. Fans of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" already know that once the holidays roll around, Kris Jenner traditionally pulls out all the stops. No matter what trouble is brewing between family members, everything seems to be shelved in favor of celebrating together. Kardashian is fully intending to spend Christmas at Jenner's home and she wants little North West to be able to enjoy the holiday with her cousins, Kourtney Kardashian's kids. Unfortunately, West has a totally different plan in mind. He wants to spend the holiday in Paris with his wife and daughter, where he can celebrate without Jenner's inevitable chaos and also get some work done. According to Radar Online, Kardashian is refusing to spend Christmas anywhere but at home together with her entire family. So far she is not considering a trip to Paris, and sources say that in Kardashian's mind it is not even an option.READ MORE

Red Bull Music Academy Paris 2015

Red Bull Music Academy Heading to Paris in 2015

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On the heels of its 15th year, the Red Bull Music Academy has announced it will be taking its 30-day session back to Europe to the brooding streets of Paris, France. Setting up shop in Paris, RBMA will inaugurate its 16th session in 2015. Details have not emerged as to when the academy will start in 2015, but Red Bull will begin accepting applications in January, via "XLR8R." The academy is a 30-day gauntlet of lectures, workshops, events and other RBMA activities, all while having access to some of the best studio space in the world, where artists can collaborate and hone their craft under the guidance and supervision of incredibly talented and innovative artists. Paris was chosen, according to the RBMA statement, because of "Its reinvigorated clubbing scene has garnered attention as one of the most exciting, creative and colourful nightlife communities, and its cult venues and longstanding art institutions provide a firm nod to the city's grand, far-reaching cultural history." The city has also fostered some of the most unique electronic music producers like Daft Punk, Justice, Mr. Oizo, Gessafelstein and others.READ MORE

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