50 Cent has made quite a name for himself in the hip-hop industry but his son Marquise Jackson isn't exactly looking to follow in his footsteps. After a highlight reel of Jackson playing basketball hit the Internet, the rapper's son revealed his hopes to receive a scholarship in college. He even gave a shout out to Floyd Mayweather calling him "an inspiration." 

The folks over at TMZ recently caught up with Jackson and asked him about the attention the highlight reel has created.

"I mean, it's a blessing man," he said. "I pray for stuff like this, I'm just happy I'm able to play ball and do something I love."

Jackson even mentioned how his celebrity has affected the way people treat him as a player.

"Yeah, a lot of people, they come up to me and say it's 'cause of my Dad or they think I'm not good but at the end of the day I show I could play," Fif's son explained.

Jackson seems to have great confidence in his skills. Although he doesn't have his heart set on a particular collegiate program, he also has hopes of playing college basketball and receiving an athletic scholarship to do so.

"There's a lot of schools I like, a lot of big-time schools I like. I just really look forward to receiving an athletic scholarship wherever I go."

Despite his father's on-again, off-again friendship with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Marquise says the undefeated champ is one of his inspirations noting his impeccable work ethic.

"Just seeing him work, his work ethic is really motivation for me," Marquise said of the boxer. "I really pay attention to what he does in the boxing ring. It's really an inspiration for me. To see somebody have such a work ethic as his is insane to me."

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