50 Cent is no stranger to good marketing for products he endorses. Unfortunately, the "Candy Shop" rapper botched a recent Instagram promotion for his new EFFEN vodka. 50 threw shade at Sean "Diddy" Combs' Ciroc brand, but in the process, he caught some flak from unhappy fans.

"Dam...50′s right, I'm EFFEN Up Right Now," the post read, showing a picture of Diddy dancing with a heavy-set woman, Vibe notes. Commenters immediately took issue with the post, accusing 50 of fat shaming because of the suggestion.

He ended up deleting the post, opting for something a little more tasteful, writing, " the EFFEN take over starts NOW. I need new director's to post a link of there reels.# 50cent let's work @effenvodka."

When 50's not caught up in an advertising debacle, he's busy being one of rap's most notable figures. His sixth album, Street King Immortal, has been postponed time and time again, most recently to 2015. G-Unit's new EP, The Beast is G-Unit, is supposedly due later this year.

He talked about the beloved rap group a little bit last month.

"I wouldn't have built something that required me as their center," he said. "I would've built it so it functions on its own. When you look at it, they've sold millions of records on their own. If they weren't so strongly associated [with G-Unit], they'd probably have crews under them. They didn't really have an interest in doing that because they [already] had a strong association and had so much fun in the position they were in at that point."