Fans are patiently, or impatiently, waiting on a new album from Barbados pop star, Rihanna. It is widely believed and speculated that the follow up to Unapologetic will arrive in 2015, after a three-year drought in album releases. The "Diamonds" star is kicking off 2015 with fresh speculation about new music as an unreleased track "World Peace" has leaked out onto the web. It is unknown whether or not this is actually album material or just an unreleased demo that has managed to make its way out of the Rihanna camp.

"World Peace" sounds like Rihanna with her pop vocals crooning a positive message of togetherness. However, the production with a simple and somewhat boring piano motif and uninspired four-on-the-floor beat, leading into a generic 2013 pop, dubstep drop, leaves much to be desired. Hopefully this is an old track that is just hitting the internet now, possibly as a campaign to get people talking about Rihanna.

Rihanna has the best producers and songwriters at her disposal to help craft her upcoming album, rumored to be titled R8, so this would be disappointing. If she turned down a Calvin Harris instrumental on the album and stuck with this one, questions would have to be asked of her and her team.

Rihanna is expected to release her 8th studio album in 2015. DJ Skee revealed in November 2014 that the album was coming sooner then we thought and Rihanna was already playing songs for Def Jam executives.

She was busy otherwise in 2014, getting involved in charity work, becoming the creative director for Puma and restarting her beloved Instagram account.

Listen to "World Peace" below via Stereogum and let us know what you think! Do you like it or not?

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