We recently told you guys about how hard Johnny Depp was struggling to get his demons back under control after an embarrassing, drunk public display at the Hollywood Film Awards last November. Rather than heading off to a traditional rehab, Depp instead decided to pull himself together at home and the first step in doing so has been avoiding parties. He even went as far as to opt out of some of the media events for his new film, Into the Woods, and thankfully it seems to be paying off.

Depp has been engaged to Amber Heard since January of last year but after several months of wedding planning she put the brakes on everything and was ready to end the relationship alltogether. Depp's ex, Vanessa Paradis, has blamed Heard for Depp's fall from the wagon, because she herself has been a party girl. Apparently Heard took Paradis' concerns seriously and has also cleaned up her own act.

Depp and Heard were spotted celebrating at a NYE bash, that also served as a birthday party to honor his 80-year-old mother, and they seemed to be very much on track. According to a source for E! Online, Heard and her man are now in a very good place and they once again looked really comfortable together. All of the tension and roller coaster emotional outbursts seem to have disappeared as Depp decided to sober up.

Do you think that the wedding is now back on for these two? Will they actually tie the knot or is this one of those couples that will be engaged for years and then eventually split? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!