Let's get this out of the way: There is a whole subreddit dedicated to Taylor Swift's armpits. Yes, apparently there are people out there who are fascinated by the pop star's underarms. Pictures of the 1989 singer are posted throughout the thread, which was started by someone who deleted their profile, the A.V. Club notes.

The subreddit popped up about a year ago, and its creator took to the comments section of a Daily Dot post to explain how the whole thing started. The sub was created after someone posted a picture of Swift in the plain, old /r/taylorswift forum and the creator commented on how nice her armpits looked. The creator was banned because "being a creep is not tolerated."

"So I figured why not make a sub," the user wrote. "I am happy the sub has turned out the way it has, and enjoy that everyone finds it so strange my only hope is to one day see proof of Taylor herself acknowledging it's existence so that I can know that some nobody on a lark created something that indirectly allowed them to interact with Taylor Swift. I do like all the work she does and not just her armpits (although I still to this day maintain they are very nice)."

The creator also is responsible for the /r/taylorswiftbum, but the armpit subreddit remains a popular site. There are more than 80 pictures posted and now the community is celebrating its recent publicity stint. Check out the thread /r/taylorswiftarmpit, if that is your thing.

There is actually more to Swift than her pits, if you can believe it. 1989 went straight to the top of the Billboard 200 behind tunes like "Shake It Off," "Blank Space" and "Out of the Woods." It topped year-end lists by Billboard and Rolling Stone.